Excellent Comedy Episode About Market Research

I don’t know if anyone else here likes Dave Gorman, but personally I am a huge fan.

Here is an excellent episode of his show Modern Life is Goodish in which he examines the world of market research:

In it, he takes a look at a market research site called You Gov, which is able to show the stats about various groups of people, for example what political persuasion fans of a particular celebrity are, what their favourite food is, etc.

It reminded me of a brief survey I did for Huel a short while ago. It would be interesting if we all did a much more in-depth survey. Wouldn’t it be funny to find out that the average Huel customer was extremely right-wing or that their favourite (non-Huel) food is “bitter melon soup”.

Should probably stop watching this as I’m meant to be working and I’m getting strange looks! Very enjoyable!


Tell Julian it contains important information about market research that you can apply to Huel to help grow the business. You can even use those exact words. I’ll let you have that for free.

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