Exciting RTD news!

That’s because they are different products, out of necessity having different ingredients.

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Bah humbug. When I saw this thread this morning I thought it was going to be an announcement about RTD Banana or Coffee. Didn’t realise it was an older thread being resurrected.

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Humbug flavour…hmmmm :thinking:

Hey @Tim_Huel !

Question regarding availability of RTD products in stores. I know that it’s in Sainsburys & Moto Services but are there plans to expand this? Or if not what’s the reason? :nerd_face:

I imagine its relatively complex as you want a good agreement and know that RTD products are going to sell / be placed in the store where it’s going to be visible etc. etc.
Does considering environmental/economical matters/online consumer purchase demand come into play too?

In any case, I think that branching out RTD to other consumer accessible locations (like other supermarkets) would be awesome :raised_hands:t2:

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Just adding this post here as it will add some context to anyone else reading this later!

Absolutely! There’s definitely a balance on the agreement with a store. Retail can be really cutthroat and some retailers can really wipe out a lot of your profit margin. We have a great product and it takes some education to understand this isn’t the same as the £1.50 protein shakes they also sell. We want to work with retailers that won’t do that, but also balance the need for people to trial products like RTD and Bars.

Other stores, well we actually sell RTD in a lot of places: Sainsbury’s, BP, Moto Services, WH Smith, Ocado, Carrefour, Auchan, MonoPrix and ICA and starting to sell in some places in the states too. But we’re working on more for sure!

Where do you want to see us?

Hey @Tim_Huel thanks for this!

Well, with the pandemic most people have resorted to online shopping, particularly ‘Click + Collect’ services.

I reckon making Huel easy to spot for online shoppers wouldn’t be a bad shout! Not sure how you’d do this but placing an item at the top seems far more efficient, cost-effective, manageable and simpler vs. making sure that stock is insight for in-store shoppers.

Where RTD/Huel Bars are stocked well, I’ll leave that with the Huel Team as you have the stats to know where Huel may sell more nationally.

I’d personally like to see it in Tesco (my local shop) and I think this type of store is more common amongst people generally. To expand on this, I think it’s a case of placing relatively unknown products in places of ‘common knowledge’ so people who aren’t necessarily looking for RTD/Bars come across those products.

To be perfectly honest I’ve never even heard of Carrefour, Auchan, MonoPrix and ICA !!

They are European/global chains. Carrefour is the fifth largest food retailer (by locations/stores) in the world after 7-Eleven, Spar, Walmart and Aldi. As a frame of reference - they are approximately 40% bigger than Tesco.

Hey Phil thanks for the information! :smiley: That’s great to know. All for for learning about this sort of thing!

there was an old thread also about potential new location suggestions here:

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