Experience of using Huel

I had been using huel on and off while I was still going into the office and it has been great for quick breakfasts that I can have on the go and make the night before, as well as an easy lunch for when I go on a lunchtime run and don’t have time to grab something. My favourite is the vanilla huel with salted caramel flavour booster. I’ve tried the chocolate as well but don’t like that one unless it has been blended with a banana and a lot of extra water with some ice cubes.

My partner has had some problems with digesting it that didn’t stop, but mine stopped within about a week of using it - I’m not sure why. We got th pack of flavour boosters and they were all really nice, they go well with vanilla but are easily overpowered by the chocolate flavour huel. I think next time I will just order vanilla as I’ve finished that bag of huel but am still working my way through the chocolate huel.

Overall, it has been a good experience, it doesn’t replace traditional food and I wouldn’t want to have it twice a day every day but it works well for easy breakfasts and lunches when needed. Now I often take it to the shops in the morning to help me get out of the door more quickly in the morning.