Vanilla flavour is LOVELY!

So I took the plunge and bought it… With trepidation I opened the packet this lunchtime and mixed it in the blender.

It Is Lovely.

This coming from someone who generally hates anything vanilla! It’s a delicious malty taste (You can almost chew it) and it seems to be pretty filling!

My plan is to start slowly, using Huel to replace my lunch with 4 level scoops. After I’m used to it, I’ll introduce it as my breakfast and have a healthy meal of an evening.

I’m using the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app on the iPad to keep track of all the calories in an effort to keep myself to the 2,000 calorie limit.

So, wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll start to feel healthier and lose some weight at a good slow steady rate.




Thank you @Symaxius for you kind words. I wish you luck :smile:

I find the vanilla fine especially with the choc flavour and a spoonful of instant coffee in the morning. I do find vanilla with the strawberry flavour very sweet and I have a sweet tooth. I’ll order unflavoured next time and try that with it or a mixture of the vanilla.

Good idea, everyone is different and the vanilla combined with our flavouring is quite sweet. You only need to put in half a teaspoon per 100g of Huel. Half and half is a good way forward. Thank you for the feedback.

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