Feedback about the new Chocolate taste

Hello fellow Hueligans,
in the last 2 days I have tried my first bag of the new Chocolate taste.

Actually I had forgotten that the bag would have the new Chocolate taste, and I just drank it expecting the usual Chocolate taste… Upon drinking it, I immediately felt weirded out, the taste was more like the Natural oatty taste with a hint of chocolate… So I went back to the bag to check whether I had received a wrong bag with another taste, then wondered whether the bag was packed with the wrong taste, and finally I realized that this is the new Chocolate taste!

So in my honest opinion I am not impressed with the new Choco taste, it is pretty weird, it has shifted too much from what it used to be and the old Chocolate taste was the best! Why was it changed in the last version?

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Sounds good! Chocolate wasn’t previously one of my top favourites in v3.0 or BE…but Essential Chocolate is delicious and it’s the oatiness that really makes it work. Taste’s a funny thing, but your description sounds like it’ll be an improvement. Hope so!