V3.1 vs Essential (chocolate)


Has anyone here tried both of these? I was wondering if essentials is closer in taste to v3.0 than the new stuff…

I just received my latest order and honestly i don’t think v3.1 is for me.
I really can’t explain why but V3.1 and huel black edition have such a strong unpleasant aftertaste (for me anyway)

Thoughts appreciated
Thanks :blush:

Haven’t tried v3.1 yet (so not much help!), but can totally recommend chocolate Essential. Oaty, biscuity, not too sweet, chocolate flavour not too strong, nicer than v3.0 or BE at least to my taste. I could happily drink it all day.


So you don’t report any weird sweet artificial aftertaste with the Essential?
(thats the issue with chocolate 3.1)

With all disclaimers about subjectivity… no, if anything I’d say it’s a more natural sweetness than v3.0 or BE, maybe from the increased amount of oats? Anyway, no aftertaste, just easy-drinking fresh-tasting goodness. Tastes ‘lighter’ to me, if that makes any sense.

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@MarieL Can I ask what it is about the new v3.1 flavour that you don’t enjoy?

In the new recipe we have included a new Belgium chocolate flavour which contains Belgium chocolate extract, as well as new cocoa powder at a much higher percentage than the previous recipe.

It has a very strong unpleasant maybe artificial? aftertaste and the texture of the powder also seems a lot different it clumps together and is quite thick.

I had the same experience with black edition though that had a much stronger aftertaste (for me anyway)

I understand everyones taste is different i was just hoping to figure out what was added perhaps that doesn’t agree with me? Just so i can figure out what to order next. I’ve been 100% huel only for well over a year now so I’m pretty reliant on it :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for giving some details on this and again I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t a positive change for you.

If you could please drop an email to our team at team@huel.com we would love to be able to help.