V3.1 vs Essential (chocolate)

That’s odd as Salted Caramel shouldn’t have the same profile as Chocolate, have you contacted our customer experience team about these new flavours? It might be worth contacting them to see if they can help.

Just my 2p worth.
I love black edition chocolate.
The flavour is really good and natural chocolate.
The stevia sweetness is intense and I could personally live with a bit less.
I have found the texture changes with batches however, sone seem “fluffier” and “smoother” although it occurred to me that may also be variation in tap water composition
Eg I’ve noticed increased chlorination in my tap water lately - I think it happens when there is work going on with pipes on the local network.
But lots of guesswork here

The difference in tap water is something we haven’t actively looked into as far as I’m aware but it’s interesting to hear the differences. We’re based in the South East so the water is quite hard here, but wherever I travel now I will be checking this!