First Batch - DONE

Afternoon Huelers!

So, after two weeks I’ve just ordered my second batch. Overall, I’ve loved the experience - though I haven’t been able to go 100% Huel as I would have hoped to - but I’m putting this down to just being a foodie fan, and a bit of a grazer to be fair.

I feel energetic on a consistent level, ‘throne time’ has been more regular and though I’m still testing what ratio works best for me, alot of the time I feel full and satisfied until my next meal - though this does depend on how active I’ve been on a particular day.

I had start to notice weight loss, but I’ve had a couple of ‘beer’ days and I’m sure that put it all back on, but health wise I’m feeling really good. Huel is easy, convenient and it ensures that I’m getting what I need to power through a busy day. Yeah, so, overall really happy.

There’s alot of talk on here about the viscosity of V2.2 - obviously not ever trying the version before I can’t comment, but because of how flexible I find Huel, I’m pretty sure you can add more (or less) water to make it the thickness you want and struggle to see how this is a problem - unless of course it’s a ropey batch, which I’m sure Huel will set right for you.

I’ve enjoyed adding fruits to my Huel - Banana, Blackberries and Peach are my faves but I love it on its own too. Delighted I found this stuff actually. :slightly_smiling_face: