First day of Huel and some questions

Hi everyone just had fuel for the first day and this seems too good to be true, i hate cooking and it tastes good! Such a concept really is unique so big credit to the developers. Some questions that I have and also might help support the product growing bigger:

  1. what is the longest time someone has been on Huel and did they have a health check? Was there an improvement in their overall health and nutrition?
  2. As this is purely a liquid diet will it impact the teeth and gums since there is mixed literature on chewing to improve gum and teeth health, also production of saliva to reduce tooth decay
  3. I see the salt in the product is quite high, much higher than the RDI. Is this harmful?

Cheers Mark

Hi - welcome to Huel

  1. I’m not sure, but we are currently running trials on Huel with health checks

  2. Saliva will still be produced with Huel and on expectation of your next Huel meal. We do strongly recommend that you continue with good dental hygeine when using Huel: brush teeth thoroughly using a flouride toothpaste two times per day.

  3. Huel has a low level of salt. What made you think that Huel was high salt?


I’ve been on almost 100% Huel for about 12 weeks. I’m fairly active and go to them gym three or four times a week and run a lot. Lots of hyperbole gets thrown about but I can honestly say I’ve not felt this good ever in my life. Energy, body tone, concentration, lack of doms after the gym. I feel amazing on Huel. I believe @Julian has been on 100% Huel for much longer(?).

Not noticed any change with my teeth, but I do snack on cliff bars and fruit. I think this would be a much bigger issue with other Huel style drinks that use maltodextrin heavily.

It’s definitely not salty to the taste, think you might’ve misread the ingredients there.

Many thanks James and Tristan is great to know, i think some long term testimonies or even medical check up/improvements (including dental health) would be great and would help promote Huel further. With the salt you were right, looking at the packet break down per serving it is 0.7g, per day is 3.4g which is just over half the GDA (57%). So this should be OK. I train almost daily at the gym so will put it to the test over the next weeks as my sole nutrition source. Cheers Mark

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Hi, What are the results of the trials mentioned above?

The trial mentioned can be viewed here

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