First Experience Whilst On Stoptober

Hi all, been reading your experiences, and I’m pleasantly surprised to find it’s such a nice community here!

I’m on day 20 of Stoptober (for all those who have no idea, it’s basically for stopping smoking) and to avoid weight gain as a result I’ve jumped onto Huel.

Love the taste, and I actually quite like the occasional lump - adds texture, and as I’m very new to it I think I might miss texture if it was gone completely. Still working out how much I need to sustain me, and I’m trying to get fit again, so I guess it’ll be a bit of a game balancing out the amounts until I get the right one.

And I feel full before I’ve got halfway through a meal, bloody brilliant.

So thank you guys at Huel for creating this (and a homegrown UK start up too!), it’s fantastic, and is really helping me get off the nicotine wagon.



@ECarlton welcome to the community and thank you so much for the great feedback. I too like a few lumps here are there for a bit of texture. Havign said that prefer Huel when blitzed in a blender for 10 seconds, but not keen on the extra washing up.

I’ve found the setting there are within twitter, and are set to “read, write, and access direct messages” by default. I’ve change this to “read only”. I agree this is unacceptable to set to read direct messages as default, naughty twitter.