First time hueler confused

hello im really confused to how many scoops per fluid also i wanted to use soya milk unsweetened but im concerned that it will be to high in calories any useful advise will be brilliant i feel very silly but now at 20 stone i really need to loose the weight

Do you have a plan in place for how much weight you want to lose in say the next 3 months? Do you have an active job, will you be introducing exercise. For better feedback and help from people, a bit more background would be good :slight_smile:

hello mark thanks for responding i am a dental nurse and i need to loose 8 stone i hope to loose just under a stone each month i will be using the huel for breakfast and lunch i am not active at the moment but as soon as i loose a stone or so i will feel more encouraged to be active i was confused to how much huel to use to what ratio of water and i thought to use soya milk but slightly concerned with extra calories it was slightly confusing when people refeered to scoop fulls of huel i was in the mindset id have to weigh it every time anyway thanks for getting back to me claire


I weigh my Huel, I have 100g Huel to 500ml water,this equals around 400 calories.

I mix this up in my Nutribullet the night before and leave it in the fridge over night.

I have 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch, both consumed over an hour or so.

Firstly you shoyld use a calorie calculator based on sex, age, weight to determine how many calories per day you require, then you can calulate how many calories you have per day.

Good luck !

My previous 2 posts unnecessarily complicated things. I’ll try again.

  1. Establishing what 1 “unit” of a Huel meal would be for you.

First, using your particular brand of Soy milk look for how many calories per 100ml. A typical example might be 33 calories per 100ml.

This works out as 0.33 calories per ml.

The Huel to Water ratio is usually about 1 part Huel to 5 parts water. For Soy milk it might be the same or it might be slightly more or less but assuming 5 parts is acceptable to you.

Multiply 0.33 by 5 which gives us 1.65 calories per 5ml of Soy milk.

So we’ve established that a “unit” consists of 1g of Huel and 5ml of Soy milk. 5ml of Soy milk is about 1.65 calories ( it might be different for your brand of Soy milk) and Huel is about 4 calories per 1g.

1 “unit of Huel” would then be 5.65 calories.

Huel comprises 71% of those calories. (4 calories divided by 5.65 calories)

Now that we’ve established all that we can use for any future calculations.

  1. Once you’ve worked out your daily calorie intake and taken off how much you are having for your evening meal you can work out how much Huel and Soy milk a day and for breakfast and lunch.

Let’s say you decide on 1400 calories a day of which 800 will come from your evening meal. That leaves 600 calories to come from Huel. Let’s say you evenly split it into two 300 calorie servings.

Breakfast = 300 calories. We’ve established that in a “unit” of Huel meal 71% of those calories come from Huel.

300 calories x 71% = 213 calories. 4 calories = 1g Huel. 213 calories divided by 4 = 53.25g of Huel.

Multiply the grams of Huel by 5 to give the amount of soy milk needed. 53.25 x 5 = 266.25ml of Soy milk.

Job done.

But let’s round down and check that.

53g of Huel @ 4 calories per gram = 212 calories.
266ml of Soy milk @ 0.33 calories per ml = 88.78 calories

212+88.78 = 299.78 calories.


Work out what a “unit” consists of using your brand of Soy milk.

Work out the percentage that Huel contributes.

Decide on your calorie intake for the day and how that will be distributed amongst your meals.

For each Huel meal multiply the allotted calories by the establishes percentage and then divide by 4 to find out grams of Huel.

Multiply that number by 5 to work out how many ml of Soy Milk.

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It looks more complicated than it needs to be but that’s merely because the brand of Soy Milk will change things slightly so let me give a couple of examples using the figures we’ve already employed.

A 300 calorie meal.

300 calories x 71% = 213 calories of Huel.
213 calories = 213/4 = 53g of Huel.
53x5 = 265 ml of Soy Milk

400 calorie meal.

400 calories x 71% = 284 calories from Huel.
284 calories = 284/4 = 71g of Huel
71 x 5 = 355ml of Soy Milk

550 calorie meal.
550 calories x 71% = 390 calories from Huel.
390 calories = 390/4 = 97g of Huel
97 x 5 = 485 ml of Soy milk

Hope all that makes sense. Good luck


Great to hear you are interested in Huel. We don’t want to make it complicated for you at all but the logic of using Huel for weight loss is based around calorie counting. Some good advice already but do head to our Guide to Fat Loss page which has a walk through guide which may help.

If you want to use scoops that’s great, one level, full scoop is approximately 38g or 152kcal. 3 scoops is 456kcal, if you heaped those scoops you can get to 500kcal approximately. A 3 scoop meal is a good starting point for many and could simplify it for you. Although you may massively underestimate your calorie requirements.

Have you tried Huel without using soya milk? It tastes really creamy already, using the milk might not actually taste much better for you - give it a go!

Really hope this has helped and not confused you further :blush:

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I’ve experimented with milks and almost always add soya milk or lactase treated cows milk. But you don’t need to replace all the water with milk, that just ends up wasting money in my opinion. Try replacing around a third of the water with the soya milk. Then you’re also only adding a small amount of calories.

Huel requires experimentation- some people like it thin, some people like it thick, some people think vanilla alone is too sweet so add U/U, etc. etc.
Work out how many calories you need a day to lose weight, work out how you like your huel, and go from there.

thankyou so very much i now feel much better thankyou for all your time in working out the measruments of fluid /soya needed that was really brill

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When I first started using Huel, I didn’t know how many calories I should be consuming etc until I discovered a smartphone app called my fitness Pal which allows me to put in all my information i.e. height, weight, age, activity level etc & how much I want to lose each week. Then enter what I’m consuming whether that be Huel, lettuce or ice cream & it knocks it off my total for the day, but it’s not generic products, it will find brands so you get the exact calories you’re consuming. Have a look at this thread where I’ve done a full write up on it and a few other useful apps.

I had similar questions about the basics of using Huel as a weight loss tool so I reviewed the numbers and made this:

If anyone has any suggestions for improvement please let me know!

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Hi Claire!

I was just as confused as you at first, and no matter how many examples I read, like the excellent ones above, I still struggles.

Do I made

Just type in how many calories/scoops/whatever and it just tells you the rest.

Good luck with your weight loss goal!

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Soya milk and all unfermented soy prpducts have estrogen mimicing compounds and will affect your hormones. I would highly recommend you consider a different milk replacement as large amounts soya everyday will start to have an affect on your health & mood. Ive been there… its not fun…

Id say get unsweetened hemp or almond milk (note most of these are 90% water anyway) for a bit then once used it it make it 50/50 with water then just water. I put a few berries in mine if i want a sweeter taste. But your pallet does adjust :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Completely agree. I avoid soy as I’ve suffered Estrogen Dominance ever since getting the depo jag in 2015. It’s what caused me to regain my 4st that I’d lost as my diet and training schedule hadn’t changed! Soy is the devil as far as I’m concerned.