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Looks like I just failed to mix (shuffle) the vanilla sufficiently. I had a ton of chewy flaxseed bits before, but digging directly into the bag and not the tub today and the weight came in at normal levels and I wasn’t as hungry. Still, I’m on a restricted calorie diet and, Huel or not, I’m feeling it.
RTD does not appeal to me, given the shipping costs, but has Huel ever considered individual travel packets of the powder? That would solve the mixing problem plus save me from having to weight and bag every couple of days before work/travel.

That’s not very environmentally friendly which partially negates some of the positives of this company. I’m sure a lot of ppl by huel bc of how environmentally friendly it is + health.

I’ve thought of that, but it’s no worse than Ready to Drink

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Is it my imagination, or is the chocolate more full-feeling than vanilla? I don’t like the taste as well but it definitely fills me up.

–add-- I am allergic to turmeric and don’t react well to ginger, but I can’t imagine either one falls under “natural chocolate flavoring”.

the RTD bottles are fully recyclable - the powder bags cannot be mechanically recycled.

A couple of staff meals and my gut is in rebellion. I don’t think Huel is the cause at all–that would be greasy spicy Korean food plus contact with people from off the island–but could it be contributing? Could the fact that I skip Huel on weekends and then staff dinner on Monday be a part of it? My gut has gone way acid.

An update
On other threads I’ve noted that flaxseed upsets my gut, and I based that on the swallowed-fingernail-clippings sensation I got from drinking Huel too frequently, and the fact that I don’t get that from Tomato & Basil H&S (which has whole flaxseed and not ground). Someone suggested microwaving Huel, and while Tim noted that would break down some of the vitamins, I thought it a fair tradeoff for losing the stomachache.
Part of the reason I’m putting this here is that I have an allergy/sensitivity to turmeric/curcumin/ginger, which is almost certainly a result of years of GERD.

I measured 60g of vanilla and gave it a generous helping of chocolate-cherry flavor boost, and put it in the microwave. It got hot fast, to my surprise, and I had to cool it before packing it in my bag.
I get to work and prepare the stuff. Added a little collagen supplement, gave it a good shake, and tasted it. And for some reason, I get an aftertaste like curry. Now I love curry, but given the sensitivities it will swell my guts shut, so I can’t eat it. That I can drink Huel on occasion, but not regularly, makes me wonder if there’s anything in that plant family in “natural flavoring” or if I am in fact reacting to something else.
Something in the regular powder is not hitting right. I’ll understand if this goes to DM. I really want to continue Huel, it really is doing me a world of good, but I really can’t drink it very often without the swallowing-fingernails sensation.

Hey Barbara, thanks for the update, and sorry to hear you’re still having trouble. There could be so many reasons for your issues that we can’t really help narrow it down for you unless you know what you’re allergic to.

You could visit your doctor who can arrange an allergy test for you, we can then work with our suppliers to understand if the compounds you’re reacting to are in any Huel products. Please don’t order a food sensitivity test online as they don’t actually provide any meaningful results.

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Will see what I can get, but it may come to nothing. There are allergies (body’s immune system overreacting) and there are things that come with GERD (like certain spices irritating my damaged digestive lining). Can you rule out the turmeric family?
At least the H&S sits well.

Thanks Barbara, that’s a good point about GERD. I’ll work with our contact team to see if any flavours from the turmeric family are used in v3.0 powders. It’s present in some of our H&S flavours so can I confirm it’s just tomato and herb that you consume.

I’ll respond to your DM too.

What a nightmare to be sensitive to such absolute brilliance :cry:

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At this point yes. I have Mexican and Sweet & Sour but I haven’t eaten them yet.

I miss ginger the most. Gingerbread cookies, pumpkin spice lattes…

Hey Barbara, I’ve got an update for you, I hope it helps move you closer to finding a solution.

Below are all the products and flavours that contain turmeric or ginger.


  • H&S Korma
  • Flavour Boosts Salted Caramel and Apple Cinnamon


  • H&S Madras, Sweet and Sour, Korma, Thai Green Curry
  • Flavour Boost Gingerbread
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I can’t find the DM so I’m putting it here. I’ve been using a locally-made RTD protein and I’m just going to give in and get Huel RTD. Oh, the day you make just-add-water satchels I am snapping up a dozen of those, but until then…
Of the two variety packs, which one does not have a flavor that contains turmeric/ginger/curry?

Are you still having storage issues?

That would be pretty cool, have you seen the edible packaging that’s now being produced?

Of the two variety packs, which one does not have a flavor that contains turmeric/ginger/curry?

None of the RTDs contain those flavourings, so you could have either.

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I had no idea. I wonder how well it ships?

Feeling stoopid. Where is the edible packaging?
I’m all about convenience. If I can’t grab it on the way to work I may just skip breakfast. Being able to eat it instead of looking for a trash can, bonus.

Sorry I didn’t mean by Huel I meant in the market in general! Companies like Notpla and Loliware are leading the way.

I think the shipping is fine, but for foods like Huel with a long shelf-life, there’s some way to go.

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