First weigh in

Just had my 1st weigh in after 8 days and have lost 4 pounds. I have been using a combination of Huel and low carb and am finding it quite smooth sailing, apart from the weekend where I struggled a bit with the odd craving.

I’ve been having between 1 and 2 RTD shakes a day and then having an evening meal consisting of either pork chops, steak, chicken or bacon with salad with mayo.

Just bought some double cream and raspberries to make up some small treats. Whipping up the cream, adding the raspberries and putting in the fridge makes a really nice, low carb treat.

Anyway, for the first time in a long time I’m feeling optimistic about my weight.


Hey Steve welcome to the forum! Congratulations on the 4lbs! What is your goal with Huel?

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Nice one! Im on a bit of a weight loss journey myself so well done! Ive found huel very helpful in that regard, I’m glad to hear you are too.

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I would like to lose another 4 stone (56 pounds) still. So a ways to go.

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Congratulations on your progress so far, stick with it, it can be done, especially with Huel by your side! In the past year I have lost 38lb, am now a healthy BMI, and aim to lose another 7 to 10lb by the end of the year. Just take one day at a time, be aware of what your temptation/problem foods are and avoid them as much as possible. Be aware of every food choice you make, but be prepared to “reward yourself” with treat foods if thats what it takes to keep you on track, especially in the early days. Also keep in mind that whatever diet you follow to lose the weight needs to be sustainable to maintain that weight loss. Good luck, you can do it!


This must be so hard. Honestly have so much respect for you guys who can be so disciplined for so long.

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