Flavour boost sample pack postage cost

Hi folks,

I’ve been a customer since the first version, on a fairly ad hoc basis. I’m currently loving the peanut bars and the black edition. My problem is, I’ve three bags here and have run out of flavour boosts. I have previously bought the sample pack as I find that each sample lasts me about 4-5 shakes(!) and would do so again except… it costs £5 to post it! Obviously I could add it to my next order, but that is some time away.

I’ve no problem with reasonable delivery costs, but this could be put into a first class envelope! What’s the issue here?

Each sample lasts 4-5 shakes!!!

The instructions say add 1 sachet to 500ml water and 2 scoops… thats what i have done!!!
Will that be too strong??? (Chocolate mint)

And i have a couple in my 10pack sample that i wont use…
Pumpkin spice
Peanut butter
Apple cinnamon

Im happy to put them in an envelope and post the 4 of them to you
If you want them message me your address (as long as your in the uk)

That’s incredibly kind of you, thanks so much!
Initially I used one whole sachet per serving,but I just found it too strong for my taste. I guess it’s down to personal preference. And actually I foumd some flavours had a weird effect on the consistency of I put in more than a tiny bit.

I’m somewhere in the middle, one sachet is definitely enough for two shakes. Some of them I can stretch to three.

Hey Simon, thanks for the message, so pleased to hear that you’re loving the PB Bars, I tell you what I am too! Those and Salted Caramel are :fire:

Thanks for the comments on the FB, can’t believe each one lasts you 4-5 Huels! :exploding_head:

Where do you live? To mainland UK it’s £3.80 delivery. It’s sent in a jiffy bag and is 48hour tracked delivery with RM


Sorry, it’s just how much postage costs :confused: That’s why we make an emphasis at check out to add one to your basket because it can just be thrown in with your box for no added cost…

Thank you so much @Runningman that’s super generous :heart_eyes:

I’m in Northern Ireland, which has the same postage rates as mainland UK. When I went to checkout, postage was showing as £5.50.

Again, I don’t mind paying whatever it costs, but that seems too much.

Northern Ireland is more expensive to post to. ‘Highlands and Islands’ I believe is the term and it is more at £5.50 yes. Sorry for this, postage rates are largely out of our control.

Bizarre. I’ve never found this. With Royal Mail?
Have a look at this which confirms their service costs the same to NI https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-20985528

Anyway, I’ve no desire to argue (at least not any more than I just have!). Thanks to Awesome, I’m going to have a good few flavoured shakes before my next order is due.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine insofar as possible!

Royal Mail’s delivery costs are the same wherever you send to in the UK; Northern Ireland, Jersey, Lundy, Shetland Isles etc. are the same as posting to someone in the same street as you live in.

Couriers do not have to abide by this and can charge what they want depending on where it is going within the UK. Highlands and Islands is the term as @Tim_Huel Tim rightly said above.