Flavour Boosts ingredients

I am wondering if there are the ingredients listed for each of the flavour boost packets, curiously the peanut better flavour one, as I am allergic to peanuts but curious to try them as I have never been able to try real peanut better obviously.

all of the flavours ingredients are listed on the main product page - the ‘Natural Flavouring’ element isn’t quantified but I guess you could assume it would not be possible to naturally create the taste of peanuts without using them in some form - even dried.

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found it

Peanut Butter - Natural Flavouring, Colours: Curcumin, Caramel, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides.

I guess there are no nuts in it?

I wouldn’t chance it without double checking first.

@Huntress_Amelia I think there is probably no nuts in it as they keep a nut free factory. But the flavour boosts may be made in a facility separate from the powders.
Definitely don’t chance it.
Email team@huel.com and they will go off and find out for you.
They did the same for me with the banana - the premix DOES contain real banana extract but the flavour boost does not. As I’m allergic to banana, I haven’t risked trying the premix but I can now confidently try the boost :blush:


You can’t have the premix? That’s too bad Banana is super delicious.

Well… the latex protein that I think is the cause of my allergy is not present in the banana premix but there is real banana extract in it. So I have been considering experimenting on myself !
But decided it’s not worth the risk.
Especially now I know I can safely try the booster !