Flavour boosts vs Myprotein Flavdrops

I’m trying to decide between getting a couple of the myprotein flavdrop bottled flavours from Amazon, or buying a couple of pouches of Huel’s own flavour boost packs. The main issue is cost, because money is tight!

At the moment the toffee and maple syrup FlavDrop bottles are £3.99 each ( with p&p that’s a total of £10).

Obviously this seems quite a lot cheaper than the Huel Flavour boost packets, which are £7.50 each. But I was wondering how long a Flavdrop bottle lasts compares to a flavour boost packet?

If it only flavours a few bottles of Huel before running out, then getting the official Huel option might be better value for money! Could anyone shed any light on this, i.e. roughly how long a bottle of flavdrop lasts?

I just saw a video on YouTube which strongly advocates the FlavDrops over the sachets, and in my experience (having only used the strawberry flavours of each) the flavdrops are preferable, as long as you have no issue with artificial sweeteners.

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Thanks, that’s interesting! As far as I know the flavour drops contain sucralose, which is the same sweetener as in Huel, so hopefully no problems there. goes to YouTube

They also do some flavdrops with stevia.

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In my experience, the MyProtein drops never run out. Each bottle seems to deliver an infinite supply.

And maple is the one to go for, it’s gorgeous (using about 15-20 drops per 500ml).

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That’s exactly what I was wanting to know about, thanks :slight_smile: It’s reassuring to know that the maple one is nice; I’ve gone for the maple and the raspberry ones.

On a related note, I think that Myprotein need to do a sample pack of the flavdrop flavours, a bit like Huel does. (No idea how that would work out with relation to packaging though)