MyProtein Flav(ourless)Drops?


Does anyone here use the MyProtein FlavDrops? I have a few bottles to use so thought i’d try them in my Vanilla Huel and no matter how much i add, i can barely taste it…

Does anyone else here use them at all?


Not anymore but when I did I added an enrire pipe in a shake


I think I remember @hunzas using them


I reckon I am using about 2/3 full pipes in one shake…

It seems that the fruit flavoured ones struggle the most, the exception to the issue with the FlavDrops is the Chocolate Peanut one… This can be clearly tasted :smiley:


Choc peanut sounds like the most delicious anyway!


Chocolate peanut is about the most vile thing I ever put in mouth


I have to admit that it divides opinion at work… Not quite Peanut M&M flavour but as good as it gets for something that has no calories.

Yeah its good, have to use a full pipe or so to get the real flavour coming through, instead of a slight hint


I found i needed pretty much the whole pipette, but I do like a stronger flavour. Hints just dont do it for me!!


That is the minimum for me at the moment, what flavours do you have?


Yep, as @RyanT says, I use them…I like the choc peanut, and I like the white chocolate, the toffee and the peanut butter. I have not tried any of the fruit flavoured ones. I need to use between 8 and 12 drops for a 100g Huel meal.

I use these too, and I see they have just released a honey flavour which tempts me.


I thought the white chocolate didnt really taste of anything but sugar. A bit like whote chocolate itself, really. :thinking:


Toffee is great in coffee Huel.
Raspberry (and Cherry) works decent in Berry Huel
Banana works well in Vanilla Huel
UU cant be saved LOL @ChristinaT
Original not even sure.


Are your colleagues also Hueling? Or people put these flavours in other things?


Thanks, this is helpful :+1: The chocolate peanut for me is the best one i have, but i have a Toffee FlavDrop Huel waiting for me in the fridge, so that could change!

I haven’t seen the Honey one… Sounds like something that could work nicely


Putting them in quark/oatmeal or even pancakes is common here


it’s a different sweetness to sugar to me, but it is sweet. I like it though even though I don’t generally like over sweet things.


A few of them have added to porridge etc, others have had a sniff of the bottle


People will try anything to get their kicks these days



Nothing works in Berry Huel
Ditto for Vanilla

EVERYTHING works well in original and UU especially if you mix them together :yum::crazy_face::grin:


I tried U/U once… :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: