MyProtein Flav(ourless)Drops?


UU is great with flavouring. I prefer the Huel flavour boosts. Have bought other flavourings but wasn’t happy with them. Like you say, took too many drops to make any difference.


I tried U/U as my first ever Huel with a banana flavour boost, really didn’t enjoy it… Maybe that was because there was only 2G (or 3G) of booster?

I will get through the U/U eventually, so far just the single shake has been made with it :smiley:


Ah, I use 4 or 5g of flavour boost per 76g powder in any of my Huel shakes. The only flavours I don’t have are chocolate (though I do have cacao) and matcha. Love them all except strawberry which is…bleh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank the Lord someone is using the correct instrument…


Just bought a selection of these and tried the cherry one today. Quite nice but I found I needed about 40-50 drops in a 125g UU meal.

Probably a good idea to try in berry huel - I’ll give that a go tomorrow.


I have a bunch of MyProtein flavdrops. I wasn’t that keen on them (mostly I think due to the Sucralose), and after I discovered Uncle Roy’s natural flavourings (thanks to @hunzas) I stopped using them.


@Woolnut definitely try doubling the amount of flavour boost you use in the UU. It needs quite a lot of extra flavour. If you add enough it’s really delicious. Don’t forget - all other Huel premixed powders are UU plus sucralose plus flavourings. So UU can be as delicious as all the others, in fact moreso, because you can have the flavour and the sweetness without the taste of the sucralose!
You just need to add plenty plenty booster!
Also cacao powder and mint essence is pretty awesome. As is peanut butter. There’s so many ways you can add to it.
Personally I love the taste just as it is, but I know I’m in the minority ! It just tastes like plain porridge to me


I have about 10 different flavours of the flavdrops, I definitely put a lot more than a few drops into my shakes but find them quite tasty.
The chocolate mixes quite well with my peanut butter powder and I really like the raspberry also.


i recommended them having seen them and not having even tried them…and I still haven’t. Are they far superior? They certainly have a lot more flavours.


I bought the chocolate peanut butter flavdrops but haven’t tried them yet.


I use Toffee FlavDrops in Coffee Huel and it is amazing :smiley:
Also have Chocolate Peanut Butter FlavDrops and use it in U/U, really good aswell :wink:

I’ll probably be ordering other flavours aswell soon enough.


That would explain why the taster didn’t taste as good as i was expecting! I did 115g and a 2G sachet :stuck_out_tongue:

That is probably the amount i am using, but i don’t sit and wait for each drop, I think there was about 15 drops per full pipette.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll dig out the bag :smiley: Does it completely mask the earthy flavour?

How many drops do you reckon you add? (assuming to the Vanilla)


How are you getting on with them? (the Uncle Roy’s), I am looking on their website and they seem to have a pretty decent range. The Chocolate Orange one has caught my eye :heart_eyes: Do they last a long time?


Hi, I use around 15-20 drops with the original vanilla huel.
I do like strong flavours though, it is the main reason why I prefer the original vanilla and adding my own flavours to suit rather than the pre-mix which to my taste are not strong enough.


If you put enough in…
I would recommend weighing it by the gram and start off with 3/4 g and keep adding a gram and shaking and tasting until you get to your desired flavour. How much you need will depend on how much Huel you put in and how much water. Measure everything, so you can accurately recreate your perfect balance the next time!
If you can’t get it to taste okay, regardless of how much booster you put in, you could try also adding a tiny bit of sucralose (really cheap to buy), as some people find it is the sucralose in the flavoured Huels that help mask the earthy taste, better than the stevia in the flavour boosts.

Next time buy Original which has sucralose and a very neutral flavour and you need to add much less flavour boost to make it taste great


Yeah for sure, with the FlavDrops i haven’t really been measuring… Its more a case of dump a load in and taste :joy:

I had no idea that the Original had a neutral flavour, will probably change my order and switch one of the Vanilla ones on the next subscription :smiley:


Oh are you using Huel Flavour boosts or FlavDrops?
(I’ve not tried flavdrops so cant comment if they will mask UU completely!)


Yeah I prefer strength when it comes to the flavouring, so you use the Original Huel, not the “new” Vanilla?


So at the moment i am using FlavDrops (the dumping in comment is referring to these), I have some of the tester flavour boosts from Huel though, just didn’t think they were strong enough


Original is very sweet - it has a strong sucralose taste, but not much else. It kinda tastes like cheap vanilla ice cream.
New Vanilla tastes very strong - not so sweet but very flavourful - it tastes very much like vanilla toffee.

Everyone has different taste buds and opinions, so you gotta see what suits you, but personally I like the Original best as you can add all the different flavours and get variety, whereas the Vanilla has such a strong taste, you can taste the toffee flavour throughout all the flavours you add (which is great if you like it - it kinda adds another layer of flavour). The Vanilla is pleasant on its own, no flavouring needs be added, but you can add flavour. The Original works best with other flavourings as its kinda neutral.

You could always try a bag of each and see which you like best. If you like strong flavours and you like experimenting, you will probably quite like both of them