MyProtein Flav(ourless)Drops?


Okay yeah - the flavour sample sachets arent strong enough to add to unflavoured. They work quite well in original. But to add to UU, you need much more than one sachet. So getting a full bag is better then you can add it by the teaspoon lol


Yeah i reckon on the next subscription I’ll grab a bag of the Original, worth a punt for sure!

Found this out the hard way, on the first day :rofl:


Yes I use the original vanilla as I found the new vanilla to have a strong toffee flavour which didn’t mix with any of my preferred flavour boosts or other mixes that I had been using to that point.


Cool, it sounds like i missed a trick here with not ordering the Original :sunglasses:


I’m using Liquiflav from - tried chocolate mint, chocolate, strawberry, and raspberry. Bottles are 50ml and I’m using 20-25 drops per 500ml water. All good so far :yum:

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Are you putting your liquiflav drops in original, vanilla or uu? @DunsfordMage


UU mainly, adding to the water before adding Huel and then blending.


They aren’t sweetened, which is a big plus for me, and they are supposed to be natural flavours (I don’t know how they do that but the ones I have taste pretty good.) I don’t always use them, but I’d certainly recommend them.


They last for ages, as you don’t need to use a lot. Chocolate Orange is one of the ones I bought. It’s the only one you have to shake before use as it’s in two layers (orange oil on top?) The other flavours I bought are Maple, Hazelnut and Butterscotch. I like them all.


Just tried 38g UU, 38g New Vanilla, 400ml water and 10 drops of Chocolate Peanut Butter flav drops. Not sure if I’d describe the taste as chocolate peanut butter if I didn’t know that’s what it was, but it’s tasty for sure.


It’s always better to get recommendations from someone who has tried them, LOL


I use ~20 drops with 171g U/U, doesn’t really taste like choc pb but is pretty good nonetheless :slight_smile:


How do you add them? They don’t appear to come with some sort of pipette, do you just poor very slowly? :rofl:


That would be no use for @coup…he shakes too much.


Liquiflav one you just squeeze the bottle slightly to get a drop out. So for 500ml I’ll do 10 drops, then another 10, then 5.


Thanks. I was wondering how to add my drops up to 25.


Luckily I am from Somerset so I have 6 digits on each hand and each foot. I also have a penis. Add them up and I can do likewise.


I just shake the drops out. It’s only approximate anyway. 10 is about right for me, Because there’s no sweetener it doesn’t matter if you put a bit more in than you intended to.


Going to take a punt with the Uncle Roy’s, might as well give it a go.

Going to opt for the super strength ones, more expensive but should last longer in theory :sunglasses:

Will definitely trial the original Huel flavour on the next subscription delivery, fingers crossed this will mean stuff that I either blend in or add can actually be tasted over the Vanilla!


Let us know how you get on…we already have one convert @Africorn but everyone’s tastes vary…so good to get other opinions