MyProtein Flav(ourless)Drops?

Yeah will do, I’m almost tempted to see if I can swap some bags over for the Original flavour… Have got two unopened bags of Vanilla so there isn’t much point trying the new flavours as all I’ll be able to taste is the Vanilla! :joy:

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Half a pipette for me, blueberry or banana seem to quite strong. Toffee I can’t get away with and cherry is ok. They seem weaker than those I’ve had previous years. Raspberry used to be my goto but now, no thanks.

I’ve finally got round to ordering some of the Uncle Roys Natural Flavourings… Have gone for the Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Hazelnut :smiley:

Opted for the super strength variant of each, as they recommend to use it “where you need a bigger, bolder, dominant flavour”, sounds like what is needed with Huel :nerd_face:


Let us know what you think of them.

Will do, tempted to try them straight to see how strong they are in their concentrated state… :exploding_head:

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Gosh, Chocolate Hazelnut sounds super. I’ll also be interested to know what you think of them. I don’t think they offered super strength when I ordered mine.

They have arrived… Nice and quick delivery!

Tried to add a photo, but max upload is under 5Mb… :eyes:

You could always resize it.

I could, but on my phone it’s not that easy

That’s a shame, but not to worry. Look forward to hearing your verdict :smiley:

Opened both flavours this morning to make my Huel for lunch (chocolate orange) and breakfast tomorrow (chocolate hazelnut), smell awesome :smiley: I might have over done it on the flavouring, but will find out in a few hours. First impressions are good


Today I tried 1 scoop Unflavoured Huel with a small spoon of Toffee Flavour Boost and 6 drops of (Uncle Roy’s) Maple flavour drops - that was yummy.


So i’ve tried them both and have come to the conclusion that i like them, but need to find something to sweeten it up a little. I noticed on the website they said that the flavourings aren’t sweetened, which i thought would be fine as the Huel has sweetener already.

Will probably take a look at getting some natural sweetener that can be added to the Huel with the unsweetened drops!

A little Xylitol (which doesn’t have an aftertaste like Stevia or the artificial sweeteners)? Or honey or sugar if you’re not worried about carbs or calories.

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As a dog guardian, I feel compelled to point out that xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. Anytime I’m considering sharing something with my pupsters, if it has xylitol in they can forget it, even if it’s the very last ingredient listed.

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