Flavours Packets


Why is it not possible to buy individual packets of a specific flavour ?

You mean the flavour boosts? It is possible. At least it is in the UK. £7.50 plus 1.74 postage for one.


We’ve got them on this page here! Try the Mint-chocolate, it’s great!


Yup @Tim_Huel speaks the truth, mint chocolate on my sampler pack we have a winner.
It has been a game changer I’m ordering one soon yummy.
Great with new vanilla and with original vanilla super awesomeness.

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It’s a shame the rhubarb and custard isn’t in the sample box or I’d have tried it and decided not to bother :wink:

I have a sweet tooth but my god that’s mega-sweet, not immediately though, it’s quite mellow at first but then you get a huge rush of rhubarb-flavouring which kicks you right in the nuts :rofl:

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Yay 20181016_114422 :heart_eyes:

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