Food Hangover

Hi. I’ve been eating very healthily for the last 6months, using huel of course. Last night I ate a full large dominos pizza and also a bit of another. This morning I got up and was so dizzy, I mean having to hold the rails dizzy coming down the stairs. My mouth was also like sandpit. Im assuming this will be all the salt content. Has anyone else experienced the dizziness. Seems too much of a coincidence to be anything else.

sugar crash maybe? one large plus a little extra dominos will easily blow through your sugar RDA all by itself :slight_smile:

Loads of fat and salt in there too! Not surprised you felt dizzy. Drinking plenty of water should help :laughing:

I’m on my 5th pint :joy:


Go easy now. Don’t end up with water toxicity :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good hanger for sure when I eat really healthy it becomes very apparent when I overeat refined carbs or eat a huge takeaway with a load of salt in lime Chinese food for example.

Sugar can leave you thirsty too. I would think even in pizza there’s plenty to spike them.

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