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Hi, I’ve just found out about Huel and I’m fascinated. On the buy page it asks if this our first buy, excluding the 100g sample. Sample? Is it possible to get a sample?

I’ve totally lost my appetite and really do not want to eat, and my doctor told me to eat anything, even crisps or chocolate rather than nothing, if I can’t face food, but I was not convinced that is a good idea. It is nourishment that I need, not just calories. So I’m hunting on the internet, and I first looked up Complan, but it says it is a suppliment, not a complete food, then I found Huel. YAY!!! I’d love to try it, and be done with the stress of having to shop and prepare and cook food, and then eat it too! Aaaaargh My blood tests said I’m depleted in everything and vitimins seem to just go straight through me, so Huel might be the answer.

How does one get a free sample?

It is not a free 100g sample, but is redeemable against first full order.

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Grab the £4 100g sample and you get a £4 discount off of your normal sized bag purchase.

But do eat, anything at all, as anything is better than nothing.

Even drinking sugary drinks, even fizzy drinks are better than just water if you’re unwilling or unable to eat. Do you like milk? Drink that.


I drink coffee, and although I don’t put sugar in it, I do put milk in it. My doctor said the coffee is good because my blood pressure is too low. We had a good laugh when he said he gives everyone else the exact opposite advice he gives me, LOL. He’s telling them to reduce salt, coffee, fats, snack foods, sugar etc… but he’'s telling me to have it.

The problem as I see it is that a sample pack of Huel isn’t really enough to do it justice, but to buy a full week’s supply is maybe a bit too expensive to risk if you really don’t like it after a few tries. There is no easy answer.

If you are not happy with the taste texture etc. of the first meal then it may put you off trying it again. Personally when I started using Huel having read various threads on the forum I always used a blender as people talked about nasty lumps when using a shaker etc. Also many people didn’t like the unsweetened unflavoured version. Although I like Huel a lot and have tried it in various ways, I have found over the time I have used it that my favourite way of prepping it is 100g Huel (50% unflavoured and 50% vanilla) in 500ml liquid (usually 50% almond or oat milk and 50% water), shaken in a shaker and left overnight. That to me is awesome, and the little lumps I assumed I would not like really enhance the experience, so I don’t even shake it that hard to retain some of them. Now of course that may not appeal to everyone, and I didn’t get to my ideal for a while, but if you can’t stomach eating then it may be a good solution for you, although if you have no appetite it may be tricky. As it is a liquid meal, you can drink it little and often throughout the day, which is more problematic with a traditional meal I guess.

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Thanks for that. Yes, I guess the free sample will at least let me know if I can stomach it. I hope I can because it will be a real blessing. Thanks for all your tips :smiley:

Huel sounds like a good option for someone in your situation. You could even fortify it with some more caloric dense things, which could conveniently make it taste better too. I’m imagining Huel packed with a ton of honey, nom nom nom :slight_smile:

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Add frozen fruit, a banana, nut milk or honey as suggested, or some combination thereof, hope you’ll enjoy it.

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I’ve tried it, and I LOVE it :smiley:
I used the blender, and added a small sprinkle of Stevia because I love sweet things, left it in the fridge overnight as suggested, and I’ve been taking a gulp every hour or so all day. I feel absolutely fabulous this eveing. I really feel well fed, and I had an appetite today and ate a full cooked meal at my friends house for dinner.


That’s great to know.