Free bar!

I had a sample chocolate bar through the post. Thanks! Great marketing too, as I’ve just placed an order. For me, this is perfect, as I found myself really hungry on my way home from work. I tried a shake in the car, but spilled it down my suit and it’s like baby food. So a bar on the way home would be perfect.


You are most welcome. A perfect use of Huel and sorry that you spilt Huel on your suit, hope it came out!

It did. I don’t know how to get over this, but after shaking, sometimes it drips from the lid of the shaker. I usually swill rather than shake now. Not good for driving anyway, the bar is much better.

Yes, please don’t mix or shake Huel whilst driving. Find a safe place to stop.

Always use Huel responsibly, kids.

Regarding the lid drip, just give it a lick after opening :slight_smile:

That works with noses as well.


I drink & drive everyday (with Huel :wink:) and have never spilt a single drop !

I do use a straw though :bulb:

:slight_smile: I cut off the plastic joining the lid to the screw top and use it as a removable lid now :slight_smile: no more problems with it poking me in the eye when I take a sip.

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I cannot lick my own nose. Can you? Do I have a short tongue?

How do we get this sample bar?

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Your own nose? Did I say it had to be your own nose?

I was wondering but didn’t want to ask. I am however on freebie alert :wink:


Well I’m not licking yours! We’ve only just met. At least by me a drink first!


Have a Huel on me. Hmm, anyone tried making up Huel with Vodka?

I have used vodka and cloudy lemonade to make Huel. It works, but then it works just as well without the vodka too.

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Huel is especially good with water.

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