Free RTD Offer

Hi All,

Apologies if this has already been covered - I did try searching but nothing came up.

I’ve recently started my HUEL “journey”, having signed up last week.

As I was navigating the site a “pop-up” came up offering free RTD bottles if I signed up to become an official Hueligan. I think I went through the sign up process properly, i believe this just means I’m on the mailing list, doesn’t it?

ANyway, my question is how I claim these 2 free RTD bottles - do I add them to my next order, will they come automatically, etc.

If anyone can shed some light I’d be very appreciative.



I have never heard about this. The only thing I get offered is buying a single-bottle of an RTD - of course at a higher price than if bought in bulk. But maybe you’re right and there is a free offer.

I would recommend contacting someone from the Huel team, for example by private message. You can find their profiles from various threads here in the forum.

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I saw the same advertisement, but as I have a shelf full of them, didn’t take much notice. Good luck with your answer.

Hey Dave, let’s get you those 2 RTDs then shall we! Could you check your email folders, see if it’s gone to spam, we’ve sent you an email I expect with the info in and a unique code. The email looks like this, I’ve blanked out the code but you get the jist!

wow what a neat throw from that hand, whoever that hand belongs to must be real skilful :smirk:

Key info:

  1. add normal products to your basket e.g. 3x Sav, 2x v3.0 or another legit combo
  2. add single RTD at basket (offer is just for Vanilla and Berry in UK, or Vanilla and Choc in US/EU)
  3. add discount code at checkout (the one in the email!)

But crucially it can’t be used with other discount.

Hope that’s helpful, have a rummage in your inboxes for an email from us, and let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi Tim,
Thanks for responding.
I’ve looked through my spam & junk folders but can’t find any email with a code.
Thanks. Dave.

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I’ve asked the email team to check it out and we’ve found the email :raised_hands: subject line was “Psst, hey, you (yeah, you)” - looks like you opened it Jan 3rd. I’ll DM you the code though just in case you deleted the email!

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