Gag Reflex while drinking Huel


I just received my first order Huel Vanilla and was very excited about it. Huel would fit perfectly in my life to stress less about what to eat, but there’s one problem: everytime I take a sip my gag reflex kicks in. I had this problem with several protein shakes, whey isolate is the only thing I can drink without this feeling.
The concept of Huel had me immediately, but I guess that won’t help to overcome my gag reflex. Ice cubes and more water didn’t help, but I hope you guys have tips for me that could work! I think my problem depends on the combination of the consistence and the tiny, tiny pieces that taste a little bit like flour (like “dry”? I don’t know how to explain it in English :sweat_smile: ). It would be so great to use Huel on a daily basis.


First time I drank Huel it tasted a little ‘chalky’, but my taste buds adapted over time. Plus it might be worth seeing what you eat/drink just before Huel to see if that’s affecting the taste. Also, many say that putting it in a blender to remove any lumps, and keeping it in the fridge for 30+ minutes tends to make it taste better also… :slight_smile:

Have you tried any exercises to reduce gag reflex? For instance

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I don’t have this problem with Huel, but I used to with rice pudding and semolina. I found the secret to be adjusting the flavour to make me forget what it was.

I have read on these forums that a lot of people have added a bit of coffee to huel, which has helped them - it might be worth a try


Always +1 for coffee in Huel. Delicious.

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I’ve been using Huel sporadically since August.

At the beginning, I can’t remember if I had a gag reflex from it or not, but I remember finding the taste and smell so unpleasant that I struggled to force it down.

The main answer to this is that “you will get used to it”. To me, Huel now actually tastes quite nice. I could speculate that the original loathing of the smell and taste was because my taste buds were used to being absolutely hammered with sugar, but I honestly don’t know what the reason.

I think, though, that you will go through the same process, albeit for you it’s about the gag reflex. Like the posters above have said, coffee can trick you into thinking it’s something else to some extent. For me, altering the smell of food makes an especially huge difference - in fact, at the beginning the way I forced Huel down was by holding my nose at the same time. But maybe that’s just me - I understand most people find Huel alright from day 1.

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Thank you all for your suggestions! I will try my best and am relieved that I’m not the only one forcing this problem. :slight_smile: