Can anyone possibly help me to get the shakes to taste even a little less disgusting?
I was really excited to receive them and I wanted it to replace my breakfast and lunch however I can’t drink it without gagging. I’ve not yet managed to even drink half of one as when I take a sip I feel like I’m going to be sick.
I really don’t want to waste it as I don’t have much money and have just spent £50 on it. I’ve tried the vanilla and banana and have tried adding fruit to the vanilla but I still can’t drink it.
It’s the chalky taste that’s making me gag.

try using a blender to mix it and let it sit if the fridge for a while before you drink it - so the powder is fully absorbed into the liquid.

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Hey Ana! Ah that’s not a great start, sorry you aren’t enjoying your Huel. It’s all about finding what works for you, so you’ve come to the right place for some tips! Phil’s already given away some great ones, definitely try blending and/or leaving in the fridge out.

Powdery-ness can be resolved by adding some extra flavours, if you end up blending Huel then throw in some berries! If you’re not blending then a teaspoon of instant coffee is great! Or you can check out our Flavour Boosts!

The powdery-ness comes from the plant-proteins we use by the way but with some of the tips here and others I’m sure some people will follow up with you can really make it your own!

If you want to get rid of the chalk-like texture the only thing that really helps is a mixer. The second best option is to use a metal-spiral inside your shaker - not as good as a mixer, but better than nothing.
To change the flavour you could use flavour boosts from Huel or, alternatively, so called flavour drops.

I found normal shake blenders did not mix enough, it left lumps, I bought a metal blade blender meant for making smoothies and the result was much better, I also add ice after mixing and drink once melted, improved it a lot for me.