Gastroenteritis for 10 days

I used Huel as a breakfast for many days consecutively, bacteria built up in my stomach, gastroenteritis for 10 days.

I’m suing for the cost of my medical bills, pain and suffering, work losses, and legal costs.

You’re sueing because your body had an adverse reaction to a food?

I think it’s just another weight loss thread.


How many medical bills can be involved in pooping?

I have severe ‘gastroenteritis’ after a heavy night of drinking alcohol, doesn’t mix well with my stomach. I might sue the club perhaps? Or maybe smirnoff?

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Actually LOL’d so hard at this.

I’d probably just block the “gastroenteritis” idiot huel.

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Don’t call me an idiot :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not you…

But now you mentioned it :joy::wink:

Edited now by the way haha

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