Hi i have gastroparesis and have a gastric pacemaker that works extremely well also i am type 1 diabetic with a insulin pump i have been trying the huel powder and find it really good i make it with milk as i need a few more calories according to the diabetes nurse i was just wondering if anyone could advise me on the powder v black edition wich one would be the best for me
Cheers chris

Hey Chris! Welcome to the Huel forum :black_heart:

Based on your condition and your goal of upping your calorie intake, it sounds like Black Edition might be the slightly better option. It’s a little more energy-dense at 400 calories per 90g serving (compared to 400 calories per 100g serving of Huel Powder), and it’s also 50% lower in carbs, which might make managing your diabetes a little easier.

Completely up to you though - it’s a close one!

This Amy
Thank you for the advice I have been looking into the black edition and will be ordering some next time looks better on the carbs
Many thanks chris

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