No exercise- back injury

Hi I’m new to huel and need some advice please, do I go with black edition or huel powder.
I’v a slipped disc so pretty much just lying around at present and the weight gain is on the March. So whilst I can’t exercise or meal prep I’m thinking meal replacement and something that will perk me up! Maybe even a detox from bad sugar would benefit me too.

Welcome advice please

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Hey Debra, either can work for you. If you want some more information you can check out our article here or let me know if you have some specific requirements.

You don’t get any physiotherapy or mobilization at the moment? Or did you have major surgery or a traumatic injury?

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Slipped disc with trapped nerve, had mri just this week, with spine consultant next week. Physio not helped because The pain was too intense.

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What kind of physiotherapy did you get? Only active mobilization or also other treatments? And what medication have you got so far against the pain?

Well I’ve seen a chiropractor, an osteopath and a physiotherapist!
Naproxen and co-codomol. Might try some hemp!

Hey Deb! :smile:

In a nutshell :point_down:

Both Huel powders are a 400kcal per serving. So as long as you’re not consuming more than is required for your body i.e. weight gain, then it doesn’t necessarily matter which you go for (as Dan mentioned)

I’d personally recommend Black Edition. This is because it has fewer carbohydrates and seen as it sounds like you’re not going to be as active, then this may be a good choice for you as you may not be using those carbohydrates as much as you may do when active. I have found that it just gives you a bit more room with the rest of your diet, so you can work out a balance between the two.

If you’re really not sure, then you can always buy 2 bags of Black Edition and then add 1 bag of Huel v3.0 (white) powder. Or even two of each. There’s no harm in trying in any case.

I’d avoid using terminology such as detox. Detox is a term that has been used as a marketing tool aimed at people who are looking to attain a certain health goal or body image. The product BooTea (or Booty) is a classic example of this.

Moreover the term has been banded around a lot so the definition of detox is rather uncertain. ‘Detox’ in other words, could simply mean reducing something within your diet that you may be consuming too much off. The simple answer in this case, is to identify what you’re eating and find suitable food-swaps that contain less of, lets says, sugar, and are derived from as natural a source as possible. For example, swapping flavoured Oats So Simple Sweet Cinnamon porridge sachets, for 100% pure porridge oats.

As for ‘bad’ sugar, I’m not entirely sure there is such a thing? Though again consuming foods with less sugar derived from natural sources (such as Huel) is a greater approach, rather than consuming less ‘bad’ sugar. What is ‘bad’ sugar after all?

I hope this helps your choose! Just to expand, this is just me trying to offer an alternative perspective in the best way that I can word it, that is, the most informative way I can :grin:

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Not being able to move due to pain and despite of opiate intake is not a long term solution but rather some state of emergency. You need some kind of causal treatment as soon as possible to improve your quality of life. This should be a number one priority, as soon as you’re back to normal you can still think about losing weight.

Certain activities might give you relief, though. Some people after lumbar disc herniations find aqua fitness helpful. Massages and passive mobilisation might help, too. And you should consult a surgeon to evaluate further treatment options.


Back Injury is the story of my life and something that I currently am going through. It has got worse in years and I have also been treated for Sciatica. True as it is that I don’t help myself and as soon as I am fit I am bak running and in the gym straight away but of all my injuries and there are many, back is one of the worst.

As piece of mind I have a Huel lunch every day with porridge oats for breakfast with a lean healthy meal for dinner. Once a week I will have a cheat day but I don’t go wild, it could be a take away or maybe a sausage muffin for breakfast but always have my huel at lunch times and I am still losing weight without exercise.

Amazing how filling this is!

I usually have porridge for breakfast. I buy big boxes of rolled oats not the quick sachets. Cook in microwave and add in fresh or frozen blueberries or a sliced banana when it’s done. Yummy and very filling indeed.

@ martyn:
Sorry to hear that, lower back pain can be a debilitating condition. I’ve had some good results with Thai massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Especially the effects of Thai massage were really amazing in some cases. Maybe it would help you to try this. Often the piriformis muscle is a problem, so it also might help to get some specific work done on that muscle. Some clients also use massage guns and find that quite helpful.

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Mri scan has revealed l5/6 slipped and bulging disc. Having a root nerve injection next week, so road to recovery is ahead! Thank you everyone for all your kind comments.
I’ll be having my first shake to celebrate tomorrow!

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