Getting really frustrated - nobody replying to me

I subscribed to Huel on 8th November and paid for my first order, and since then I have had no news - no email to say my order has been dispatched, and no replies to my simple request to get an update on my order.

I’ve emailed Huel, messaged Huel on Facebook, messaged Huel on Twitter, tried to phone Huel, and have had no response.

I understand there were delays due to stock shortages but it’s now 7 days after placing the order and I just want confirmation that it’s being processed and a rough estimation of when you expect to dispatch.

The money has been taken out of my account so I think I could at least get an email keeping me updated?

I’m really frustrated that it’s so difficult to have direct contact with someone who can just let me know what’s going on and it doesn’t bode well for a subscription service. I was told to DM Tim on here but the system won’t let me.

It’s order 22048-EU.


I get your frustration. Hang in there, you will get your Huel I’m sure, I think they are inundated with emails and phone calls due to the backlog.
I’m tagging @Tim_Huel so he can help

Thanks @ChristinaT that’s really kind of you :slight_smile:

Hi Hannah, I’ve messaged the EU team to find out what is happening here.

This is super strange by the way, it seems like you can’t DM anyone? I can’t seem to work out why this is. I haven’t turned off my DMs don’t worry.

Saw someone else mention they couldnt DM you I think… unless it wasn’t a dream which would be weird

Same Hueler.

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Oh. So its not others and I didn’t hallucinate. Good days!

Nice one @Tim_Huel I’m back in action! :grin: