Think Huel should compensate us

I think the delays are minimal now @TonyHoyle. I ordered yesterday and received today. That’s gluten free though. Maybe regular has a bit of a back-log but everyone is getting their orders today and tomorrow it seems.
The website did clearly state the delay, on the order page, I got a big red bold message telling me I may have to wait up to 7 days for dispatch. But it still came super quick dispite the message.

Maybe if there’s no longer a message, that’s because there’s no longer a delay?
As far as I know it’s almost back to normal now…

Well… I’ve got another box of saturo on order to tide me over for a few days. I don’t want to go back to the greggs meal deals even temporarily when I’ve just got my stomach used to a more unusual diet - and getting used to not being tired all day. I’m trying huel as premade bottles are too bulky to be storing at work, plus it’s half the cost…

I’ve messaged you on FB, on Twitter and on here.

So far, no replies.

My order was placed on 8/11 and €100 paid out of my account, and I’ve heard nothing since, no dispatch email or anything.

Also no discount code.

Bumping this as no solution found so far - total silence from Huel

Since your situation is similar…
Just got a generic email from them saying they will aim to dispatch the order within 10 working days (note: dispatch not deliver). So that’s on top of the initial delay aka a total potential delay of 18 days in my case.

Hi Hannah,

Bit confused, I’ve replied to you here? I was waiting on a response from the EU team :frowning:

I believe Lucie has now replied to you, explaining the out of stock issues and offering compensation?

Yeah I remember that… couldnt get the coffee milk in ages, that sucked major arse

Hi @Hdoyle I agree.

It’s incredible they took our money long time ago (in my case more than 10 days already) and we’re still waiting for the product.
At least what they should do, is giving our money back and once the product is ready, let us know (we’ll see if by that time we still wnat to keep buying HUEL).

@Tim_Huel How can we make it for you to give us our money back? I need it to buy a different brand and being able to keep going on with my nutrition plan

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I know!!!

If they actually cared about their “community” they would have blocked the option to buy Huel during their shortage. It would have saved everyone (including them) a lot of hassle but I guess their cash flow was more important to them.

Anyway like I said I just placed an order with Feed and they seem really good. Let me know if you decide to order from them because I have a 20% discount code you can use. Not sure if they deliver to spain.


Bumping this as its now 11 days since ordering…any update on whats going on for your Europe customers @Tim_Huel ?

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Order Order #: #2879-DK

November 8th.

Not a word here either…

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I appreciate this doesn’t help anyone now, but personally ever since I started Huel (2 meals per day) I’ve had a backup bag tucked away under the bed.

If you’re actually reliant on Huel it seems a little risky/brave to be running on a ‘just in time’ basis, there are so many factors that could delay delivery by a couple of days.


Thanks for the code on Feed. They also ship free in Europe (over 70€) but the lowest price for kilo is around 20€ and in the ingredients are isomaltulose and maltodextrin, two ingredients I avoid the most I can. Regards.

It has been said before

If you really use huel that much, you think ahead and have plenty of bags in advance in cupboards etc
I bought some from someone locally who stopped using it, i have 4-5 bags in a sealed box in a cupboard … as my back up … in case I run low !


Sorry for the delay in responding, we’re working through a massive backlog of emails and orders.

Your order is in transit, we’ve subscribed you to UPS updates so you will get emails with the status of your order. According to tracking the order will arrive on the 21st of November by the end of the day.

Good Grief!

I’m old enough to remember when the legend “Please allow 28 days for delivery” was standard! Now, if it doesn’t arrive before we’ve closed the laptop, we get all uppity and upset and start shouting about compensation!

I order four bags at a time, and my new order tends to come when i still have 1-2 bags in stock. So when the delays hit this month (first time ever) I was relaxed.

Personally, I’m delighted Huel didn’t stop taking orders! I’d much rather have my order paid for as usual; then the pressure is on Huel to deliver (as they did) rather than on me to keep a watch for when stock come in again. They did exactly the right thing, in my view.

Also, Huel are reliant on x-number of third-party suppliers for all their ingredients. It’s almost inevitable that, at some point, there’ll be a hitch, somewhere in the chain. Shit happens (as the Taoists say). I think next day delivery is quite remarkable, in any scenario, and a few days delay (once in a blue moon) should not be a massive surprise; you should not be running your own supplies so tight as to be affected by this; and is certainly not grounds for a compensation claim!! (Though I’m sure the vouchers were most welcome…).

We live in a world where the official 9/11 narrative is nonsense, where kids in Syria are being killed by British-made weapons, and where George W. Bush and Tony Blair continue to avoid being put on trial for war crimes in the Hague. Save your anger for something worthwhile…


But we don’t live in the age of 28 day delivery, and mine took 13 days. I wasn’t complaining about lack of next day delivery.

And if you’re going to get all sanctimonious about it, I’ll leave you to imagine how many Syrian families you could feed with the money you spend on Huel every month.

:joy: Sanctimonious is my middle name :smiley:


LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Why does “Syrian” need to be thrown in there?

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