Giving it a Whirl

Firstly, I first heard of you guys on Radio 4 and thought I’d give Huel a try. The main reason being that I am really busy day and night and often grab a takeaway in the evenings instead of having to cook at 10, 11pm. Basically, I can avoid eating unhealthily by replacing a takeaway with Huel. Also hoping to lose about half a stone (picked up by eating too many takeaways the last year or so!).

My first piece of feedback: Does the powder bag need to be so big as it seems half the bag is empty space? would be more convenient to store if smaller.

secondly, I agree with others that a calculator to work out how many scoops will provide my target calorie intake of 550 calories per meal would really help. Just had to try to work this out and, assuming that by ‘scoop’ you mean the scoop that comes with the shaker (is this right?), then i would need 3.5 level scoops to make just under 550 calories. not too tough to work out but would be easier with a calculator as i had to read in the forum to find out how many calories in one level scoop.

Overall, well done guys, good to see a UK start up doing well and I think you are spot on with the branding, website, tone of voice etc. Now let’s see if I can get healthy again!

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@Moomin65 great to hear from you, welcome to the forum.

The pouch is a tricky one, during the blending process Huel “fluffs up” as it’s aerated. So the pouch when first filled it pretty full, then it settles down and looks half empty. I like to keep waste down so we will try and reduce the size.

We have add a basic table here of the different amount a level scoop makes:

1 level scoop = 153 cals
2 level scoops = 306 cals
3 level scoops = 458 cals
4 level scoops = 611 cals

I away suggest using kitchen so can you measure out exactly what amount you want, e.g. to get 550 cals with scoops will involve some guess work.