Going 100% Black Edition - Advice/Opinions/Potential Issues?

Great question Jay.

The figures used in the macronutrient split are based off the Atwater factors which states there are
9kcal in one gram of fat
4kcal per one gram of protein or carbohydrate
2kcal per gram of fibre

These figures are not completely accurate and there will also be slight differences body differences, but they’re usable. You can find out more here

If you consume more calories than your body needs, from whatever source, your body will store it as fat. You will gain weight on a keto diet if you are eating too much becuase although your body might be burning more fat you’re also eating more fat This is why tracking your calories with an app like myfitnesspal can help and you can tweak your diet if things aren’t working.

If you replace the word calories with fuel it may help your understanding.

Excellent got it now cheers!

Well, I only managed 3 bags (about a week and a half) before I couldn’t stand the flavours/texture/aftertaste any longer.

Physically I didn’t feel any difference whatsoever when comparing 100% Black Edition to 100% v2.3, but I think in the long run regular Huel will be more suitable with it having a more balanced macro split.

Gave the last bag to a friend who agreed it tasted rank, interesting to see all the new threads popping up here with similar reactions.

For me personally the difference in taste is worlds apart, Original v2.3 cannot be beaten so shame it’s being phased out, I’ll just have to experiment with Unflavoured and Unsweetened once stocks run out.