Greek guy on a weight loss journey (Plus first impressions)

Hey guys. My name is Manos and I just started out on a weight loss program using Huel to measure calories. I received my first order a couple days ago.

I’m 19 years old, 1.83m tall and currenty sitting at around 140kg. As you can probably imagine, conditions are not ideal. And now that some health issues popped up, I decided I needed to slim down. A lot. I need to get to at least being under 100kg by next October. So I discovered Huel and thought I could use it to make it happen.

I’ll be going Huel only 6 days a week, the 7th being a cheat day where I can eat whatever I want for one meal. I use a handy little algorithm I wrote to calculate how many grams of Huel/calories I need based on BMR to theoretically keep losing a set amount of kg a month. My set amount is 4. And since it’s calculated using BMR, I save up on some calories so I can pig out on my one cheat meal a week.

Now as far as my first impressions of Huel go, it’s pretty decent. It’s pretty neutral tasting, even with the vanilla and sweeteners, so I can see myself using it without growing tired of it. But there is only one tiny problem: I can’t dissolve it properly. After a lot of tweaks in water to Huel ratios and a lot of elbow grease on the shaker, there are still lumps of dry Huel in the mix. So I was wondering if it’s alright if I put it in a blender or something.

Wish me luck guys.

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if you have a blender it’s fine to go ahead and use it.

Most use a blender to get a good smooth drink, and refridgerate for a few hours or overnight. The breville blend active are good and pretty cheap from Argos. I have been on Huel since June and still enjoy the flavour of vanilla using the flavours. I use it for breakfast & lunch.

To achieve 40K weight loss in under one year I’d guess you’re going to have to aim around 1600 cal/day.

As someone who’s tried the cheat meal thing, be sure not to binge. For example, don’t use up that cheat meal at a buffet where 2000cal is easily achievable.

As for texture I’d recommend getting a mixing ball and popping it in the shaker. This combined with the top ‘grate’ turns mine to liquid pretty quickly.

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Hi Manos, thank you for the post and welcome to Huel and the Forum. You’ll find a wealth of experience and knowledge in this community. I won’t we can help you out!

Firstly, try this technique:

  • Add 400ml of water
  • Add 100g of Huel (for 5:1 ratio)
  • Close and shake vigorously for 10-20 seconds
  • Open spout and add a further 100ml
  • Close and shake again for 10-20 seconds.

This should sort out any lumps. If you use the plastic ice guard too then if you do have some lumps then they won’t pass the mesh.

Secondly, mixing in a blender is a little less convenient but you will get a very smooth and a little frothy consistency.

Hope this all helps!

Oh another Greek! My input:

  • It’s tempting to overanalyze the caloric consumption patterns when on powdered food
  • My best experience (and weight control) is when I treat Huel as food
  • The later means I blend a large quantity and consume as much as I feel like
  • Screw grams/scoops/scales/calories and just eat

This :slight_smile:

Add the water first - once I started doing that I stopped using a blender, it gets smooth in about 30 seconds. Personally I’m 4 scoops in an almost full shaker bottle, 3 times a day, works great!