Green Scoop

Absolutely loving the new Green scoop I just received in my order today. It is definitely the way forward. It only takes one scoop to put the exact amount of Huel in I want even though that changes every time and it also means I can easily find it inside the pouch whereas before I kept losing it.zu62214710_main_tm1542388909


I got a purple one. And it tells me exactly how many calories I scooped as I lift it from the bag.


Mine also connects to my iPhone and has a ‘lost scoop’ feature which means I can buzz it and it rings so I know which bag of Huel I’ve left it in


What if you fill with the scoop with something other than Huel? I think somebody is fibbing…

It’s a scoop for Huel :roll_eyes:
Why would I use it for anything else?
What else would I even use it for?
It would be rubbish at scooping chips.

It’s likely converting grams to kcal based on Huel.
So scooping something else would mean you’ll have to do some math, but should be possible.

But this would be regarding the Hueop, don’t what scoop you’re using @ChristinaT?

I like the word ‘Heuop’ :grin:
I actually just use the normal transparent plastic Heuop.
I’m bored and being daft. I don’t really have a magical purple scoop. I would buy one if it existed though :crazy_face:


My scoop plays Abba songs…

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Super scooper is my favourite Abba song.


ABBA is the number 1 thing I hate the most in the world.

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You always struck me as more of a Michael Jackson fan.

As I scoop out my huel when the rest of the family are eating their gourmet style meal…
My scoop plays ‘some guys have all the luck’ !

If I had a scoop playing some of my most-listened songs, I’d scoop the heck out of my Huel :rofl:
It better not happen to be that way, would cost me multiple bags a day.