H and S sides

Just wondering what people have to accompany their hot n savoury meals. I’ve been having garlic bread or naans for ages but they are a bit calorific and fancy something else or more healthier. Or do people just have nothing with them.

Not healthy but meatballs (which only really worked with the Tomato and Basil). Mac & Cheeze I have extra vegan cheese and activated yeast. I wanted to try the others with some chicken but I haven’t actually done it yet.

I basically use H&S as a “too tired to cook tonight” meal. Cheaper and healthier than take away. If I want a bigger meal than two scoops I add extra water to make a soup and have some bread/toast and butter with it. Not exciting, but tasty and filling.

When I’m having mac and cheese I sometimes have garlic bread and a small salad. I no a lot more carbs but quite filling on the chilly nights. :stew::yum:

I like the cook up some spaghetti to have with the tomato and herb H&S, and sometimes add some pesto stirred in, or meatballs as a change. There are some brilliant suggestions on here for ways to make the various H&S flavours seem more like a regular meal. Sometimes I add noodles to the Thai green curry, or some bok choy and spring onions, depending what I have in the house at the time.

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I had the same problem. Hot & Savoury wasn’t satisfying by itself… until I started adding sea salt. Now I can’t stop eating them because they taste so delicious and filling. I recommend adding good quality salt to your portions - it really does make a difference!


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