H&S additions - suggestions

What do you guys add to H&S to increase the volume or to add more of a macro-nutrient to it (say, proteins, carbs, or fats)?

I used to add thinly sliced carrots to Korma, which got boiled during the 5 minutes of brewing time, increasing the volume of it, and some cheese (hard one, mostly proteins).

What could I add to, say:

  • bolognese for both volume & proteins

  • Mexican for both volume, proteins and fats?

Just posted elsewhere on this - (Aldi) steam bags of veggies & quorn, mince being speediest but the steaky quorn chunks I can batch precook. Also different beans (in FODMAPy small quantities for me) well soaked & batched ahead if time is precious. My local bakery does a magnificent wholemeal sourdough which I slice and freeze and I convince myself I’m helping my biome while it mops up the “gravy” from the bowl. :smiley_cat:

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I add half a can of beans (kidney, mixed etc)
Mainly because I’m lazy

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One of my colleagues adds frozen spinach and a couple of other vegetables to Korma when she makes it on the hob! Adding a meat or meat alternative is always a great idea for some added protein.

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