Had to refuse delivery today

Never had this before but parcel arrived with one end completely open. 2 of 3 bags of Huel missing. Hopefully Huel sort this out quickly im fast running out.

Madness. If you haven’t already, you will need to email customer support. The forum isn’t a support platform for individual cases so it’s unlikely they will resolve this purely from this post.

Did the dodgy driver leg it?

Hungry neighbours?

No. He marked it down as damaged/refused delivery.

Got in touch via Whatsapp.


I had a first yesterday, not quite as dramatic as yours.

Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.



Yikes, you are in your every right to refuse this delivery as it’s not acceptable at all!

This might be a given but have you dropped us an email at team@huel.com so we can investigate this fully for you and get a replacement out ASAP! We’re unable to get your deets from here due to privacy reasons so will need you to reach out :heart:

Thanks super helpful!

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I got in touch via Whatsapp, not had a reply yet.

I got you, lets get this resolved :heart:


Huel’s 2024 remake of the chestburster scene from alien looks rubbish. They should stick to what they do best, making clothes and granola


Can’t get my head round that. Did the driver put it in his van with the side of the box missing? Seems unlikely. Did it get ripped open during previous deliveries on his round and he didn’t reload the spilled-out bags of Huel? Hard to imagine the side of the box getting ripped off accidentally… :frowning:

I’ve designed and spent plenty of time in parcel sorting hubs and depots. Getting snagged on conveyors and bends can happen, but that rip is too clean to have happened during sorting IMO. The parcels are also loaded by hand onto the exit truck after sorting at a hub and the exit truck/van after sorting in a depot, so it’s almost unimaginable that was loaded by hand onto a vehicle without being noticed, but to be honest, with some of the things I’ve seen in these places, even if it was noticed it probably would have still of been loaded.

Did this guy deliver it?


Well this was sorted very quicky and more than satisfactorily. Dominik was excellent and more than generous. Big up to the Customer Service people.