Has anyone else had Lipoma since drinking Huel?

Has anyone else had a Limpoa grow on their bodies since drinking Huel? I tell you why?

Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under your skin. They’re harmless and do not usually need any treatment. They’re classified as benign growths, or tumors, of fatty tissue.

I’ve been drinking Huel for 3 years
I had 6cm Limpoa grow on my back, my family has no history of Limpoas

I went to a Clinic in Harley street that specializes in Lipoma removal.

I was surprised to see someone in the clinic drinking Huel in the waiting room.
It was definitely Huel because she was drinking from a Huel brand cup. I didn’t think anything about it at the time.

But thinking about it now, it does seem an odd coincidence but both of us drink Huel,
and both of us are at clinic that specializes in removal of Lipomas

I weigh myself every day using smart scales
I know Huel increases my Subcutaneous

There has been study that essential amino acids and other supplements help feed tumors to grow.
Maybe there is a link between Huel feeding Limpoas to grow in the body?

If you had lipomas after drinking huel, please let me know?

I used to be very prone to Lipoma’s when I was in my teens or early 20’s. I had at least 5 removed by the NHS years ago but I’ve had 3 more form since then but the NHS doesn’t remove them anymore. I may pay to get them removed myself.

Even with my history though, I haven’t had any new ones form since I’ve been consuming Huel and I’ve been using Huel for maybe half my calories for around 5 years now.

Thank you for your reply Coup! :slight_smile:
It cost about £1300 to get them removed now :confused:

I’m happy to hear you haven’t had any new Limpoa
even after drinking Huel for 5 years, Coup! :slight_smile:

Can I just ask please, do you drink Huel every day?
Because I’ve been drinking Huel nearly everyday for 3 years now.

Thank you again for your feedback :slight_smile:

£1300 each? It was a while ago now, but I did see a private clinic advertising about £400 for one and then £80 for each additional one.

Yeah I drink it every day, along with about 2 bars a day.

Seems a crazy price. I also had one in my younger years removed free from the NHS. Not had any more since though.

yeah the NHS will not cover them any more as they are not seen as being in any way dangerous to your health. When I was younger in the UK I had several (and still have them) that the doctors would not remove.

Best I can tell they are a pretty common issue with no proven link to diet or any other cause for that matter (although people with obesity can seemingly be more prone to them) with the general assumption they are a genetic thing without necessarily being herediatary.

They can also be linked to other illnesses which was apparently the case with me.

Hey Charles, I’m sorry to hear you ran into trouble! Hopefully, you’re feeling better now

I think it’s exactly that

There’s no reason that Huel would increase the deposit of subcutaneous fat. There’s no strong evidence that any food causes an increase in fat being in one area over another, calorie excess is usually the key here.

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Strange the NHS wont cover it As they cover other non life threating things ;

Maybe if its associated with a a mental thing they will do it for free(like gender reassignment ?)
surly limpoas can affect mental health too! i’m astonished it not covered Maybe the O.P should try the mental aspect/quality of life

yes you would have to convince them it is causing you some sort of mental anxiety or stress, but as these usually occur on areas of the body that are normally covered up in day to day life - it would be a hard sell.

Hey Coup! :slight_smile: They advertise £400 to £300. Whgen you got to see them they tell you the price is based on the size of Limpoa, mine is lenght 6cm by 5cm wide. Larger than that is £1800

Thank your or your feedback Phil :slight_smile:

This was the bit that was made me wondered, Phil?
Huel about 200 calories per cup.
Our body would normally digest 200 calories slowly from food period of time.

Obese problem develop limpoa’s because
their bodies have to many calories to deal with.

I was wondering if instant 200 calories of huel in liquid form
be too much for the body, and could cause limpoa

Haha so far it seems to be only me experienced this :sweat_smile:
I also dislocated my shoulder too. I read sudden bangs or knocks
can cause Limpoas too :confused:

well a grande Starbucks latte is also about 200 calories and has 4.5g of saturated fats so I dont think its a matter of taking in your calories too quickly in a drink :slight_smile:

yes - thats not unheard of for them to form at injury sites.

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Thank you for your reply Dan! :slight_smile:
Good point! :slight_smile:

what I’m wondering is if the speed of calorie in take from liquid from
of food has any effect on the body, over period of years

Many thanks again for your advise and help Dan:slight_smile:

Thank you so much Phil! :slight_smile:
That’s brilliant answer! :slight_smile:

Lipoma lipoma lipoma!! Not limpoa :joy:

Have chugged 1000 calorie Huel shakes for the last maybe 3 years now, no issues here!


If Huel caused lipomas we would all have them. None here I can assure you. Bad luck for anyone who does get them though. They may not be life threatening but they can be quite annoying/frustrating all the same.


Exactly Bee :slight_smile:
There hasn’t been many people saying they have experienced the same! :slight_smile:
I’m glad made this post! :slight_smile: