Have Huel improved it's taste?

I used Huel for a while some 13-14 months ago (Original, no flavour added). But after a stomach incident I couldn’t stand the taste of Huel anymore.

Now I want to make a comeback. Have Huel improved its taste during the last year or does it still have a slight taste of cardboard? Do you have any suggestions regarding what flavours to use (adding milk isn’t an option)?

Ah yes, you want my current subjective opinion of the flavour to compare against your previous subjective opinion in order to gauge whether your current subjective opinion will find improvement in the flavour.

In all seriousness, the taste of ‘New Vanilla’ is much improved when compared to Original. It’s a bit more oaty with almost a hint of toffee.

If that’s not your jam, there’s now coffee pre flavoured or Berry pre flavoured.

Mint chocolate flavouring is provably the best, though.


Haha - you’re right. It might have been a slightly stupid question. But I guess some ”oldtimers” might have some ideas regarding how the taste has improved over the last year.

As long as it tastes different enough compared to before I guess it will do for me.

Original has always tasted horrible to me. The new and improved vanilla, I find perfectly palatable.