Haven't tried it yet, but it's everything I wanted

I haven’t tried the product yet, but I’m going to very soon, and if it is edible to my tastes, I will probably live 100% on it. I never had any good diet control, and I always said to myself “If there was just one thing, that would give me everything I need, then I would only eat that”, and lo and behold, here comes Huel, which is practically my dream food. So I will be doing this. I just hope that my bad habits with being a fussy eater won’t prevent me from doing this.

I just wish it was a little cheaper, but that’s just because I’m stingy with money, and for around £175 per calender month, it’s quite a bit more than I currently pay for food.

But the convenience, the ease of use, the fact that it’s designed to simply give you what you need, no more, no less, is what attracts me so much to this product.

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@Blade_Montane Welcome to the forum. I feel better when I’m on Huel to when I eat “normal”, even healthy normal food. It must be because it digests so easily.

Welcome @Blade_Montane,

I’m undergoing the switch to Huel, and wanted to show my support for what you’re doing! Currently, I weigh about 350lbs, so instead of me making those odd trips to the store where I’d buy things my body REALLY doesn’t need, I get Huel delivered once a week, and even after only a few days I’ve started to notice positive changes in my stool, mood, and general energy. I’ve also cut out caffiene completely, which mainly consisted of lots of Red Bull to combat the tiredness from the lack of nutrition I was getting, so I’m currently waiting for this perpetual headache to subside.

I’m looking forward to observing the long-term effects of consuming 100% Huel, and my new blog should be up soon so I can document my experiences. So far, it’s brilliant!

I wish you all the best on your journey, and hope Huel marks the beginning of a new & positive chapter in your life.