help,first order

I placed the first order on the site.
The charge was made on my card, but there is no trace of the order number on my Huel account.
how can i solve?
I also have the transaction screen.

you can reach out to customer services via their social media messaging or email them at

Hey Carmine, sorry you’re having trouble finding an order number. I’ve copy pasted the below from the Huel forum rules. I don’t mean to ignore the issue you’re having, it’s just that we have a lot of customer experience channels, it’s nice to keep the forum clean of those as they aren’t so interesting to the other members of the forum.

If you reach out to, they’re amazing and will help you out in no time! I hope that makes sense :blush:

The purpose of the forum is to have great conversations and polite debate about Huel topics.

If you have a question about an order, delivery or upcoming deliveries then it is best for you to email, contact us on Live Chat, or our social channels