Help metallic taste

Anyone experiencing a metallic taste?.. I’m 3 weeks in I absolutely love Huel and am so excited to begin this journey of health and possibly weight loss…
I’m on Black edition Iv had 4 bags of different flavours love all of them! But the metallic taste has increased yesterday had it all day and woke in the night feeling nauseous…

Can anyone help? We are replacing breakfast & lunch with shakes and a plant based meal for evenings ???

Really hoping for solution as two more bags on order

Hello there are many potential causes for metallic taste in the mouth - there’s a name for the condition but cant remember it - however, if it’s increasing in severity as you say and combining with other symptoms, I would suggest you consult your GP.


Hey Trudi, thanks for joining the forum, sorry to hear it’s this problem which brings you here though. I’ve not seen this really, but definitely check in with your doc. My only thought is that there’s been changes to your water you use in Huel which has impacted the taste?

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Hi- if there is any pine nuts / kernal in the powder there is something called pine mouth …

It’s probably the flax. I had a rough time starting out. Was trying to hard and being too strick on myself and diet. It works better if you ease into it. I use 1 cup of 2% milk and the rest spring water. I dont do the overnight in the fridge, made me want to gag, but some people love the cake batter consistancy i use a blender, Makes it much easier to drink. I’m more used to it and like it more now. Helps to switch up flavors, strawberry is really good. Keep going you wont regret it.

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