Herbal powder adding to Huel shakes (not Blenders)

If I’m not using Huel flavour boosts, the main powdered flavourings I will use are:

  • Fine Liquorice Powder by Lakrids by Bülow – this is 100% organic Persian liquorice (don’t use this if you have hypertension. If you do have hypertension and like liquorice, you can use Anise powder instead – it’s not the same taste at all but then, most store bought ‘liquorice’ is actually Anise anyway - or at best contains very small trace amounts of actual liquorice.)
  • SuperShake, SuperChoc, Organic Acai Berry Powder & Organic Pomegranate Powder by Matakana Superfoods
  • Any decent freeze dried strong coffee/instant espresso.
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im interested in acai berry powder

was looking at tablets

a powder would make sense

is it tasteful or no taste, whats it similar to?

kind of weird - smells a little earthy but has a mild fruity taste.


I have used açai powder as well, it’s quite pleasant. I don’t know if I would like liquorice Huel, although I do like liquorice.


the same company also do a sweet and a salted liquorice syrup which work well if you use a blender, although they are pretty high in sugar content. The powder has no sugar or sweetener so its a very sharp taste.

thanks ive got to try

You could add wheatgrass or another green powder, but i hate their taste so i usually drink a shot of them with just water immediately before eating or drinking my huel, then i can get rid of the taste quickly, and it doesnt ruin my huel. However I found a brand that sells a powder mix of lucuma, raw cocoa, wheatgrass and barley grass and this is quite palatable, so I’ve been adding it to my huel. :slightly_smiling_face: They don’t state the ingredient proportions so it may be over 50% lucuma and cacao, explaining the good taste. :yum: I also like to add carob to chocolate huel.


carob & barley grass appeals to me after reading its benefits.


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as a top up - the liquorice powder works well combined with other flavours - like ginger, cacao or honey.

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so far after more research im gona go for carob and licorice…


anyone know of any more?

specifically to help a certain acid reflux that isnt going away?

and gas?

and for that matter any liquids either that ppl mix with their Huel ?

i tried apple cider vinegar for reflux n even after many recommendations by ppl all over the internet it made it worse.

i think scrumpy jacks and anyi psychotic medication caused my reflux in the first place… so i dont know what thpe of AR or GERD i have…???

You could try ginger powder, it can soothe the stomach


Surely the greatest herb available is the banana! Yes, it’s a herb and, yes, it can be bought in powdered form!

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Spirulina (takes some getting used to)
Maca (takes some getting used to)
Blueberry (as a powder)
Peanut Butter Flour
Chia (seeds)
Angel Delight (it was lush but very sweet and high in sugar - but it was a treat, don’t judge me)
Nesquik (see above - again don’t judge me)

I’ve tried allsorts. I suppose a curry powder with UU might be quite tasty too.

Is it just for taste or additional health benefits or a mix of both?


Powdered peanut butter and/or freeze dried berries are a big win for me!

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i dont like the taste
thx for suggesting.

oh man me and my sister loved angel delight as kids ha ha ha :smile::grin:

blueberry powder - i love blueberries, awesome

used chia before w huel

maca and spirulina - wil look into

thanks mate

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amazing stuff.

and ceylon cinnamon is worth it. better than cassia cinnamon.



Yes, carob is mint!


instantly liked it

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