Hiccup to Happy Hueligan

Recently received my first order of 3 bags. No instructions, no measure, no shaker. Pretty poor. Trying to contact them, no response. Really very poor.

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Did you tick the box to say that it was your first order? First orders come with a t-shirt, shaker and scoop.

The instructions can be found on the pouch but I think new customers get a booklet.

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I’m really sorry for this Tim. It sounds like your starter set was missing like Coup has mentioned. Would you mind sending me a message with your 6 order number so we can look into this for you?

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Continuing the discussion from Poor experience:

strong textContinuing the discussion from Poor experience:

Got a tee shirt.
The instructions are put scoops into the shaker. I have neither shaker or scoop.

After a little hiccup with the first delivery which was sorted out very well. I am now a proud Hueligan!
Love the flavour and texture, really nice to drink. Made the night before and left in the fridge overnight.


Perhaps the title should now read Poor experience turned into good experience :grin:

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Or ‘hiccup to Hueligan’ :wink:


Yes it should, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m not really very good at this social media/forum stuff.

How do you change it?

Lol there are people here who have experience changing titles I am sure they can help :smiley:


What would you like it changed to? I will do it for you.

I like Hiccup to Hueligan. Lol


Your wish is my command :slight_smile:


Thanks Hunzas and Christina for the suggestion x


Happy you’re now a happy hueligan !
Welcome to the clan

Did you edit it to happy?

Who? How? If someone can, please do x

Who me? No you’re losing your marbles :wink::laughing:

Actually I changed it to Hiccup to Happy Hueligan but after I hit ‘done’ I then saw your offers to change it and realised we had edited it simultaneously. So I deleted my edit and let you do the honours. Seemed rude to edit your edit :rofl: even though it was unwittingly

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Sure - Done! :grin:

With great power comes great responsibility

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