Hot and savory calories: website vs pouch


I’ve noticed there are somewhat not insignificant discrepancies in reported calories between the nutritional sheets printed on the bag vs what’s on the website.




Also! As a new Hot & Savory customer, I find it mildly annoying to have to figure out the drymix-to-water ratio myself for every flavor :). I did, though, so no worries. And I made an excel for myself. Just sayin’, could be made easier if it’s just on the website and the pouch.

Can you share the excel file with the community? For someone new it would be really helpful!


Hey good spot, the website is correct. We made a mistake and it takes a little longer for the correction to filter through onto the bag label compared to the site.

I find it mildly annoying to have to figure out the drymix-to-water ratio myself for every flavor

Is this because you want to have more/less than 400kcal?

I never ever eat exactly 400kcal :yum:, so yes. 600-1000kcal per serving for me.

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I agree with this! For a shake, 400kcal are good as a portion, but for an H&S meal, since it’s replacing lunch or dinner, 600kcal are a more appropriate value: 600+600+400 = 1600, with 3 meals covered, leaving you 400 for 2 small snacks, or add something on the other meals if you’re not into snacking!

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I totally understand your point, however as you’ve said you managed to work out the ratio. I think that most people would get confused if we started putting ratios of water:Huel on the pouches/website. You clearly have an understanding, and thus can work it out for yourself, but most won’t - perhaps this is rude of me. But when I’ve used ratios to explain to people in the past most do not know that 1g of water = 1ml of water. This leads to just more confusion.

For us I think it’s best to keep the serving instructions simple simple.

This leads to just more confusion.

Completely agree with this, grams and ml of water are WAY easier for everyone. You can calculate easily a ratio yourself, if, for example, you’re using 1+1/2 of a portion, or 1+2/3 etc. You simply apply the same ratio to the ml of water requested.

Mind. Blown. Away. !

I don’t know what the hell metres are but I do know how many grams there are in an ounce.

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I don’t think most people will find this useful, but here goes.

As I only bought 3 flavors, I haven’t “figured out” the ratio for other flavors, but just do the calculation 210 / [serving size in grams] and you’ve got it.

Only the purple box is editable, and should ever be edited.

@Tim_Huel You’re not rude at all, no worries :). This sort of calculator tool on the website would be cool, though! Or a mobile app :o

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Well maybe not a lot of people, but I will certainly do! And if you’re ok with that, I’ll add Korma & Pasta Bolognese when I figure out the best ratio for each of them!

I don’t plan on maintaining this, so better copy this for yourself and do the edits you want :slight_smile:

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Are your ratios what we recommend on the pouchs? Or are these different ratios you use because you’ve tweaked the recommended to what you prefer?

No worries either way! Just wanted to know!

Are your ratios what we recommend on the pouches?

Well, they fall into the range. Your websites states

200-250 ml of water

for 1 serving, which, using the spreadsheet yields 210ml

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They are based on the 210ml of water per serving from this page How to Make Huel Hot & Savoury. The serving size in grams varies between flavors (~94-103g I believe), so that’s why the ratio is not the same for all.


Nice one, was just checking. Thanks for doing the spreadsheet! I always make up the water amount so this will be very useful!