Sample pouch and advice needed :)

ordered my sample pouch which arrived today. taste nice and smells nice too, mixed it wrong the first time so it was quite lumpy howeverthe second time i made it right!!
just a few questions;

  1. should there be a specific consistency or is it down to personal preference
  2. i initially want this for weight loss, i varely rarely eat any way, one meal every few days, with minimal snacking between and i dont really do any exercise bar walking (signing up to gym tomorrow), im trying to get back to 7stone from 9stone (baby weight), how would this best be done with huel? il be going to the gym 2 days a week for 2 hours on each of them days


Take a look at Use the calorie calculator to get your normal calories per day, then have fewer calories than that each day.

great, thankyou :smile:

is there a certain consistency it should be when mixed? or does it not matter

Whatever suits you, I think.

cool!! how do u have yours?

4:1 in the mornings for a more porridge feel, and 5:1 when out for lunch as it mixes better with no blender available. but 100% how you like it, just make sure if you go thicker, you’re still getting enough fluids from other drinks.

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sounds good! have you tried any flavours? particularly toffee

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Personally no, I enjoy the vanilla version so thats all I buy. I have tried cinnamon and cammomile tea instead of water to mix it with, made a lovely concoction!

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ew lol i live of redbull :joy:

Not sure redbull would be advised, but would certainly be a pick me up LOL

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haha yea after this rate i plan on cutting it out. i dont really like plain water, too boring but what would be a good sub?
im a totsl novice with this whole healthy life style business

Tea infusions are great, so many flavour choices to choose from. And low calorie, so easy to count in for a diet.

Fruit juice (be aware of calories), black coffee, Vegetable juice ( try blitzing up cucumber, celery and lime, dilute as needed, it’s lovely, not overpowering and quite refreshing).

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I put 1.25 L of water into a blender along with 6 scoops. That makes about 1.5 L of Huel. I do that twice and fill two shakers and 3 metal bottles. That gets me through breakfast and the rest of the day, apart from an evening meal.

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think il stick to orange juice and water lol tea is gross!!

i might have huel and a banana whenever i feel hungry which isnt often lol. most days i dont even eat so weight loss should be ok lol

@piggles93 It seems a bit odd that you don’t eat much at all. Do you genuinely not have much appetite?

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@Marcus well it started years ago when i was homeless, i never knew when i was going to eat again so i learnt to supress my appetite and i just got used to it i guess.
now’a days, i dont like to eat if im honest, it makes me hungrier then when i was before and it hurts (stomach cramps) and i genuinley hate the feeling of being hungry so in situations like that, il eat minimal food so it goes away.
when i get hugnry i either snack on small amounts ie a packet of crisps here or there or il just ignore it completely :smile: im quite used to it now actually.
my boyfriend swears iv got some sort of eating disorder :confused:

Yes, that sounds like an eating disorder to me, although I’m certainly no expert.

If you get stomach pains when you eat, maybe a trip to your GP would be a good idea? Could be something serious going on in there.

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I’d be worried about not eating at all. I’m no nutritionist but from my little knowledge in that field (@JamesCollier would be the expert here!) , your body needs energy at all times. Normally it will get that from food, if it can’t get it from food it will get it from body reserves, such as fat. If there isnt anything left, it starts going for more serious parts of the body, like muscles and even organs. Now you might be able to supress these feelings through a strong willpower, but long term it will NOT be good for you. I’d highly suspect that because you hardly eat, your body is storing anything it can, and that the majority of your “baby weight” is fluids (you could be 6stone with 3 stone of fluids etc). (which diets don’t work on very well, only fluid control / sweating does).

Now the gym will have a twofold effect. One, make you sweat and lose fluid weight, and Two, burn up energy that you have little intake of.

This worries me in honesty. I have had friends with similar experiences. It’s a catch 22, it will not resolve itself unless your body gets used to food again. Word of warning, gym will suck for a few weeks, again untill your body gets used to it, and you’ll likely feel like you have no energy. Hopefully that will trigger wanting to eat a bit more, and something nutritious like Huel is perfect.

I would second all the previous comments about getting that potential eating disorder sorted out and seeing a GP about your pain. Using a calorie calculator and eating enough Huel to hit your required calories on a daily basis would also be a good start - if nothing else, eating as little as it sounds like you do could actually be detrimental to weight loss. I’d stay clear of fruit juice and energy drinks too!

Further to the points already covered though, something caught my eye…

What do you plan on doing in the gym, exactly? I mean, it doesn’t sound like gaining muscle is your goal, so I’d assume steady state cardio perhaps, but 2 hours is long enough to jog 20km! If you’re new to gym/exercise/health living then perhaps you should probably build up slowly, is all I’m thinking.

apologies for late reply!
@marcus it does sort of seem like one doesnt it however it doesnt fall in the catorgory for any of the registered eating disorders such as aneroxia, pica etc

@welwynd i understand what your saying, i think its a bad habit i got used to from years ago and never fully broke it :confused:
thats another reason im going to start huel full time, for the energy and protein and mineral reasons etc and because its everything i need to survive nutrition wise. if you get what i mean?
iv done exercise and stuff before, the last i done was calisthenics and that worked really well for me so i should be ok with the gym :slight_smile:

@Omc id go to the dr but i think id sound like an idiot as there are registered eating disorders and what i have or my habits, dont fall under them catorgories :confused:
i do plan on cutting out energy drinks but atm i need them haha! im a university student and often have late nights doing course work so its keeping me going for now lol. it will be cut out eventually though XD
well i plan onn cardio and core, mostly focusing on legs and abs, id like to tone up, so nothing overly muscle gainy lol.