Hot and Savoury Improvements

I have to regretfully say:

Quinoa is not instant grain. It is need to cook a little bit longer to sprout.
Pouring just with boiling water makes it not digestible enough.

Linen seeds are so healthy, but it need to be grinded first.
Raw seeds are not absorbable.
I reccomed you to replace classic linen seeds with grounded ones.

I’ve tried Mexican Chilli, Madras and Sweet and Sour and the taste were dellicious.
Thai green curry and Corma were too sweet and bland.

Would you like to make my fav meal, Pad Thai with rice noodles and umami taste.
Vegan & gluten free.

Best Regards,

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Thank you for all the feedback Victoria! We really appreciate you taking the time to pass this across to us. I will share your insights with the product development team. Although Thai Green and Korma are my favourites :slightly_frowning_face: (I have a sweet tooth).

Pad Thai sounds like a delicious idea :yum: