Hot breakfast huel?

Hi everyone

We are from the cold north of Scotland and would love a hot huel for breakfast. Ideally it would be a porridge type food. However if that’s not possible a more cooked breakfast type savoury huel could work instead.

I’m sure there are parts of the US and Northern Europe that would love this too.

Eating huel powder made with ice is hard when it’s -5C outside!


Hi @nicolajinsley I also come from chilly :scotland: and no exactly what you are talking about. I cannot take a cold shake in the mornings that has been chilling in the fridge. I have to make a fresh individual one and then it is then not chilled. I sometimes warm it slightly in the microwave on medium setting and then i feel im getting something warm on a chilly morning. A couple of times ive made porridge mixed with huel powder and oats which was quite acceptable. :stew::cup_with_straw::banana:

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I’m a soft southerner who has just moved to Scotland and can think of nothing better than sitting outside in my shorts, chugging on an ice cold Huel while sitting outside looking over the “watter”.

My OH has just left the house for a cold water swim…but I must say I don’t fancy doing that in the slightest.

Admittedly we are in a south western part of Scotland so we aren’t surrounded by snow at the moment and shock horror it isn’t raining.

I now no longer use a shaker to make my Huel, I use a spurtle.

You could make Huel pancakes, I’m sure there’s a recipe on this site

I too enjoy systemic warming effects from a hot breakfast. I also have some dietary constraints, namely high LDL cholesterol and a desire to limit my sodium intake.

To this end, I’ll microwave 500mL H2O in a glass Pyrex measuring cup for 30 seconds with two packets of Herb-Ox sodium-free chicken bouillon, then mix this in the Tritan Huel shaker with 2 scoops unflavoured/unsweetened Huel Black Edition.

Yes there are quite a few recipes out there for Huel pancakes. I have made them myself and they’re pretty good.

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Hi John i stay not all that far from you and we have rain today and plenty of cold,:weary::face_holding_back_tears: snow and wind recently. Perhaps its because im a golden oldy i feel the cold more than others. :nauseated_face:

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Haha. I actually feel the cold more than some. I am still debating on whether to try cold water swims now I’m here as my OH loves it. I used to find it cold swimming in say September in south west England but she thought it was quite balmy.

It’s actually quite mild here right now. A bit of rain but not much. A friend of mine from down south who moved up here 2 years ago did his first winter Munro yesterday…Beinn Ghlas. It was very snowy and icy.

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Do you mean winter swimming in the sea?!! Need to get you trained up for the triathlons then. :upside_down_face::smiling_face:

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Yes winter swimming in the sea. Apparently it’s great for you. I find the idea horrendous. But my OH is working on me joining her.

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I was in Finland in December in a national park in -8c and locals were just chilling out in a lake like it was nothing.

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It’s an awesome idea!

Aside from a porridge-type vibe, are there any other ideas you might have on this? We love hearing what you guys would love to see!

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Presumably some kind of bacon and eggs is achievable? Scrambled eggs style with the carbonara bacon pieces and the tomato from M&C perhaps.


I’ve been known to use Huel original vanilla with ot water. Made thicker than a shake. Tastes like porridge…

Also I like to bake breakfast hardtack with vanilla huel and added spices, a little water. Nuts optionsl. Spread thin on glass dish, prick all over. Bake, then microwave till hard.

Happy breakfast!

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Edinburger here! It’s chilly but the much-anticipated snowmageddon didn’t happen.
I mix up a big jar of oatmeal or oats, huel powder, packet milled nuts and seeds and extra chía seeds. Proportions can be adjusted to taste.
Put a portion of that in a bowl and soak overnight in any kind of milk, then in the morning. heat in the microwavey with added berries or apple.


It keeps me going, in all senses of the phrase.

Definitely a vote from me for a hot Huel porridge option for breakfast. I appreciate I could just make some oat milk porridge and add a scoop of Huel to it but I’d like to keep to the 400 calorie portion.